Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

February 2014

“Life is love and love is life.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Greetings Hridaya Sangha,

Happy Heart Day!

Today is the time to celebrate Love. Do you want some guidelines to honor it? Then, remember Love is playfulness, not a behavior; there are no rules.

And don’t forget…tomorrow is a Celebration of Love, too.

With Love,


The Vision

As our community in Mazunte continues to solidify, Sahajananda has written a graceful and compelling vision statement to guide us as we expand to welcome more of those who hear the calling of the Heart. In January, professional facilitator Leigh Tillman came to the center to lead our staff and long-term students through a process of developing a shared understanding of the intentions, structures, and goals of the community and to formulate specific plans for turning Sahaja’s vision into an everyday reality. Our work together as a group sparked renewed enthusiasm for fostering an environment in which self-inquiry, love, and the constant awareness of the present moment are the defining features. Be inspired by the Hridaya Yoga Vision and join us in Mazunte to practice living with an Open Heart.

Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats
Our January retreat was the largest yet in Mazunte, with 80 people taking the opportunity to begin the year in Stillness. The group was a beautiful mix of seasoned meditators and those new to the practice, and the sharing session afterwards was remarkable. Check out our new testimonial videos in English and Spanish to get an idea of the retreat’s impact.

Among the members of the retreat were the 12 participants of our second 49-Day Prathyabhijna Self-Recognition Retreat. This group is now installed in a lovely beachfront hotel nearby, each residing in solitude to go deeper in their own practice while enjoying the subtle support of a group. Our next 49-day retreat will begin in October. Contact us for more information.

The beloved 17-Day Advanced Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat begins on 28 February and the extended format will create the conditions for deeper insights and greater revelations about Awareness, Compassion, Beauty, Love, Bliss, and Freedom. To find out more about the retreat and to reserve your space, please email us.

Module One!
Excitement is building for the introduction of the Hridaya Intensive Yoga Retreat: Module One. This 20-day intensive course debuts on 11 March, with Sahajananda, Antoaneta, Claud, and Nick teaching the first month. Visit our website for more information and contact us to reserve your spot.

Audio and Video Inspiration
Along with our volunteer Tom Riddle, we have been working hard over the last few weeks to create a new video to introduce Hridaya Yoga and our Mazunte center. Watch the Spanish and English versions, and let us know how we did!

If you have enjoyed the question and answer sessions of retreats, or if you are just curious to hear more from Sahajananda, you will be happy to know that we have recently uploaded a few recordings to the audio section of our website.

International Offerings
This spring, Hridaya events are blooming on five continents. Australians can connect with the teachings by joining Ava’s 1-day retreat in Madora Bay on 9 March (email: On the beautiful Asian island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, Kirsten and Burkhard will offer a 3-day retreat 26-28 March (email:;

In Europe, Esther teaches Hridaya-inspired classes in Bern, Switzerland ( Naz teaches ongoing Hridaya Yoga classes in London and Milton Keynes, England (email:; and will offer a workshop on 16 March. Niamh teaches ongoing yoga classes, workshops, and retreats in Liverpool, England (email:; Juliane and Giulio give twice-weekly yoga classes and weekend retreats in scenic Florence, Italy (email: Adam is teaching a meditation course in Groningen, the Netherlands (email: Jana teaches every Monday evening in Hamburg, Germany (email:; Raluca teaches Hridaya Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes five times a week and offers weekend retreats in Brasov, Romania (email:;, and Samira is offering a 10-day retreat that starts today in Weitersfeld, Austria (email:

In the Americas, Tiffany and Kristof will offer a 3-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat 27 February-2 March in Ontario, Canada ( and will soon start offering classes in Toronto ( Weston leads a weekly meditation class on Thursdays in Calgary, Canada (email: Nick will offer an intensive workshop on Santosha: The Art of Contentment 22-23 February in Mexico City, Mexico (email: The Kaivalya Yoga School and Ashram on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala offers monthly 4-day residential retreats, dark room retreats, and Hridaya Yoga Intensives. Their next 4-day retreat will be 12-15 March and they will hold an 8-day retreat 17-24 April ( And, Lakshman organizes monthly Hridaya Retreats on Lake Titicaca, Peru (

Start making plans to join Sahaja during his annual summer tour! Schedules are being finalized for retreats in Israel, England, Hungary, Germany, Romania, and the Netherlands. Please visit his calendar for more information.

We wish you an abundant springtime and hope to see you soon in Mazunte or at one of our many international events.

With Blessings and Love,

The Hridaya Sangha