Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

April 2019

Mountain Silence

We’re very excited to announce that last month we purchased a beautiful property in the mountains of Oaxaca. The site is located between the towns of San Mateo and San Jose on Route 175 and looks northeast, perfect for the positioning of the altar.

Our vision is for the land to be developed as a space in which our community can dive deeper in Self-Inquiry through solitude. We won’t offer classes there. Instead, we’ll provide support for students who aspire to dedicate themselves to spiritual practice. Currently, the property has an existing building which we are in the process of renovating and preparing for guests. We are planning to add an additional structure and a campsite (for those who are at home in the chilly mountain air). We invite you to join us there—the altitude of 8000 feet (2400 m), the incredible scenic vistas, and the serene sounds of nature will enable you to immerse yourself in the Divine Truth.

Karma Yoga Immersion Course

On June 11th, Claud and a team of experienced teachers will kick off the Karma Yoga Immersion Course. If you feel a yearning to awaken your spontaneity and openness to the flow of life, then this course is for you. It features daily meditations, Hatha Yoga, and, of course, inspirational teachings to accompany you on your journey. As the course is, admittedly, intense, participation is by application only. If you are inspired to join us, please share your aspiration and longing here.

Low Season Treat!

It’s nearly May, which is a real treat here in Mazunte. The school is quieter than usual and it’s easy to find a moment of peace and solitude on the terrace. If you feel inspired to reconnect with the Spiritual Heart before the halls fill up again, we’re offering a LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT. Simply book by May 10th using the code MAZUNTETREAT and get 30% off your course fees for any Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat or Hatha Yoga Module taking place between June 10th and September 23rd. (Please note that the discount does not apply to meals, accommodation, workshops, or dark room retreats.)

El amor al silencio

This summer, we will offer our third 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat in Spanish! The retreat starts on August 9th and runs at the same time as the English retreat. As Sahaja likes to say, “We will be doing mauna in English and they will be doing mauna in Spanish.” For Mexican nationals, the retreat is half-price, while foreigners pay the standard 10-day retreat fee. If you are Mexican and would like to take advantage of this 50% discount, use the code SILENCIO at checkout. And, if you can’t join us for the 10-day, remember that all of our 3-day retreats in Spanish are by donation.

Community Action

We’re making some interesting and exciting changes in our community endeavors and are looking forward to sharing them with you. We are launching an annual community newsletter that you’ll receive at the end of May and encourage you to take the time to read it in detail. We hope to bring awareness to some behaviors that do not resonate within the broader community. To get you thinking, did you know that in small Mexican towns such as Mazunte, if an elder greets you it’s considered very disrespectful and rude not to greet back (even if you’re in mauna)?

Upcoming Events

Our beloved Luna will be leading the ever-popular Compassionate Communication Workshop from June 28th-30th. Don’t miss this beautiful opportunity to explore how the way you communicate is a pointer to your inner world. We also have some wonderful events happening around the globe. These include a Memorial Day Silent Retreat with Grace in the USA and a 3-Day Heart Awakening Retreat with Radha in New Zealand. There are additional events in Guatemala, Australia, Mexico City, Austria, the USA, and Romania. Check out all of our international listings here.