Heart-Womb Alchemy

3-Day Retreat to Reveal the Wisdom of the Womb

with Gesine Leicht

October 17–19, 2024

Presented in English in Longeval, France

Join Hridaya teacher Gesine Leicht for this 3-day women’s retreat and discover rituals, practices, and teachings to restore your connection to the Heart and Womb.

As a woman, you may hold many subconscious beliefs, fears, and, at times, traumas in your womb space. The consequences of this pain can be far-reaching. It can affect various areas of your personal life, but also that of future generations and our society as a whole.

Your womb is not a place to store trauma and pain. She is your temple of creation. The Womb holds a primordial creative power, capable of conceiving and birthing life. She also manifests ideas and visions in this world. When harmonizing your heart and womb with the creative forces of the Universe, you hold the key to becoming a conscious creator of your life.

During this 3-day retreat, you will learn to rest your awareness in the Heart. From that place of Presence and Love, you’ll explore the manifested parts of the human experience and discover how you can ground the presence of the Divine on Earth. The Womb guides you to embody the light revealed through the Spiritual Heart.

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Embrace every part of life as an expression of the Divine. Womb Consciousness allows you to accept even the dark parts of life and, thus, it transforms them into powerful pointers to awakening. Relationships, sexuality, the menstrual cycle, childbirth, and death hold profound insights and can open you to a more complete understanding of Reality. Tantric and shamanic rituals will help you access a deeper vision of life and allow you to recognize it even in moments of complexity.

The body is the temple of your soul! Each cell holds an intelligence, an ancient memory that is calling you back to your true Self. Through Heart-Womb Yoga, you will experience your body in subtle ways and discover its energetic reality. and see the connection between body, emotions, and mind. Through conscious movement and dance, you will reveal the intuitive guidance of your body and restore a harmonious connection between your heart and womb. 

Meeting your womb with Presence will reveal many layers. You may simultaneously come in contact with long-suppressed pain and with tremendous beauty and love for life. In this breaking open, you will be held by a circle of strong women. This shared presence will be a healing balm in itself. As women, we blossom in the loving embrace of our sisters!

This retreat ends with an initiation in the “Rite of the Womb.” This ritual from the Peruvian Andes restores the connection to the wisdom of the Womb and the guidance of the Heart. It is the 13th rite of Munay Ki and is celebrated in honor of the Great Mother and the Goddess in each woman. It helps clear your womb space from past imprints and activates your creative center to birth light and harmony.

Remember the creative power that you carry within.
Remember the infinite Love-Awareness that you are.
Reveal your inner wisdom and create your life experience more consciously.


Join Us and Explore:

  • Womb wisdom and various practices to restore the connection to your womb
  • Heart-Womb Yoga
  • Hridaya Meditation
  • Women’s circles
  • Tantric, Taoist, and shamanic philosophy
  • Rituals and ceremonies
  • Creative exercises
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Dance and conscious movement



18:30-20:30Welcome Meeting


7:00-8:00Meditation (optional)
8:00-9:30Breakfast Break
9:30-13:00Morning Session
13:00-16:00Lunch Break
16:00-19:00Afternoon Session
19:30Evening Activity (optional)
22:00Mauna (noble silence)

*Schedule subject to change.

heart-womb alchemy hridaya france

“The merging of the Heart and Womb is the inner union of heaven and earth. Divine Love and Divine Power working hand in hand for the well-being of all. Our power is full of Love and our Love is full of Power.”
–Azra Bertrand

Pricing and Registration

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October 16 – 20, 2024Heart-Womb AlchemyGesine LeichtPricing and Registration


Please Note:

  • This workshop is presented in English at our center in Longeval, France.
  • This workshop is open to all women. No previous yoga or meditation experience is required.
  • The dates listed above are for accommodation. There will be a Welcome Meeting at 18:30 on the date of arrival. The workshop starts the next morning and ends the evening before departure. Check-in is available from 14:00 on arrival day.
  • Please read our Payment, Refund, and Amendment Guidelines before booking.

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