Hridaya Yoga Mexico

Important Guidelines for Hridaya Teachers Serving in Mazunte

The Hridaya Vision

Please note that by choosing to be a teacher at the Hridaya Yoga Center you agree to respect and support both the Hridaya Yoga Vision and the Hridaya Vision on Tantra and Sexuality.

Your presence in the community should be a catalyst for kindness and love, inspiring in every member of our community the intimate and reassuring feeling of being in an authentic spiritual family.

In supporting and guiding our students, you always maintain the purity of intention, consecrating the fruits of your actions to the Spiritual Heart. This attitude excludes any manipulative tendencies or willingness to take advantage of students or your position in the community. Rather, you exude a caring, loving attitude of service.

Recommendations Regarding Sexuality

Hridaya Yoga is trying to bring a new, transfigurative vision on sexuality. In this way, we inspire people to approach each other by always respecting the yogic moral code (yamas and niyamas) and expressing the 14 Hridaya Attitudes.

Hridaya Yoga understands human sexuality as a divine gift that should be honored with awareness, reverence, and gratitude. Physical sexual intimacy should be expressed in the context of complete consent, sacredness, and love. Thus, it is expected that you as a teacher will always engage in behaviors consistent with this spiritual understanding of sexuality.

As a Hridaya teacher, lovemaking or any sexual activity with a student you are teaching is inappropriate unless it is in the context of a pre-existing relationship based on the Hridaya approach to sexuality as stated above. Should you and a current student decide to pursue a romantic relationship, you must inform the Program Coordinator of your intentions and stop teaching that student’s class before the relationship becomes intimate.

If you become aware of any case of sexual misconduct in the community, it is essential that you immediately report it to a senior teacher and/or member of the Hridaya Management Team.

Karma Yoga

Your teaching activity should always be done in the spirit of Karma Yoga (serving with awareness, dedication, and love for our students and for existence itself). In addition to teaching activities, you (and all Hridaya teachers) commit to performing Karma Yoga tasks for the community. Such tasks are decided by consensus in teachers’ gatherings or are assigned to you by the school administration.

Morning Meditation at the Hridaya Yoga Center

Hridaya Yoga aligns with the traditional yogic view that inner transformation is based on consistent spiritual practice. As you already know, Hridaya Meditation is a form of Self-Inquiry, and in our school, it is the main tool to reconnect with the infinite depth and intimacy of our being.

While living in our joyful Hridaya Community in itself may be uplifting, we strongly believe that without a daily spiritual practice of meditation and Hatha Yoga—on a background of awareness—the purification of the subconscious mind, psychological healing, and spiritual freedom cannot happen.

Therefore, daily (Monday to Saturday) participation in our one-hour morning Hridaya Meditation is an important part of your commitment as an active teacher at the school. While this participation is also required for the administrative team and Karma Yogis, it is even more relevant for you as a Hridaya teacher because you are a role model for the entire community. This commitment shouldn’t be seen as a compulsory rule but as a support for your inner transformation. When the reconnection with the Heart happens, such commitment becomes effortless and natural, bringing stability and trust in your real being.

Group Tapas

During every module cycle, there is a group tapas for teachers. This practice reinforces the sense of spiritual connection between teachers, helps the sublimation of energy, generates an ambiance of spiritual aspiration, and provides a model of determination in yoga practice. Such tapas will be decided by Sahaja and will not exceed one hour per day (of course, you can add your individual tapas to this). This relatively short practice period will give you the sense that there is no burden. On the contrary, the support of the group will become a beautiful inspiration for you as you follow through on this commitment.

Noble Silence

In order to support Self-awareness, you agree to honor noble silence at the Hridaya Yoga Center every morning until 11:30 am. This means avoiding both inner mental chatter and outer talking. Of course, this doesn’t apply when you are in the yoga hall giving instruction to students. Also, we understand that sometimes speaking is necessary in order to harmoniously perform your assigned tasks. In such cases, please whisper.

General Agreements of Mazunte Teachers

  • As a Hridaya meditation and yoga teacher at the Center, you agree not to smoke, take recreational drugs or illicit substances, get drunk, or consume alcohol frequently.
  • You further agree not to organize or participate in any ayahuasca (or other “medicine”) ceremonies or events in your home or elsewhere.
  • As our school wants to help you in any way, you are welcome to offer students additional services according to your passions, gifts, and qualifications (therapy sessions, massages, psychotherapy, etc.). You agree that prices for such activities will always follow common sense.
  • If you decide to organize a workshop outside of the Center but in the Mazunte/San Agustinillo area, you are kindly asked to inform the school. When scheduling outside workshops, we ask that you ensure that they do not conflict with the programs offered at the Center. Additionally, the topics of such workshops should never be in contradiction with the spiritual values promoted by Hridaya and should not offend the Mexican community. If you have doubts about the appropriateness of your content, please consult the Program Coordinator or Sahaja in advance.
  • You understand that all workshops and activities taking place outside the Center may not be promoted or announced in classes without the prior agreement of the Hridaya Board of Directors.
  • You understand that coming to teach, practice, and serve at the school means you will be humble and open to constructive feedback from other teachers, Karma Yogis, administrative staff, and students.
  • You agree to open-heartedly follow the spiritual guidance and recommendations offered to you by Sahaja or other senior teachers.
  • You understand that any complaints against you from students or teachers will be examined for validity carefully and with discernment. Such complaints will never represent a reason for overreaction, labeling, or compassionless criticism. You know that our Hridaya family’s purpose is to support and help you with love and trust, especially when you have the aspiration for transformation, honesty, and purity of intention.


Please be aware that all these guidelines do not limit your freedom at all. On the contrary, they are based on spiritual common sense and represent natural pointers to freedom. They express our aspiration to create a conscious, truthful, and serene spiritual community.

We envision the Hridaya Community as a real spiritual family. We hope that in time, if we are consistent with our values, our community will become an inspiration for more and more people to reconnect with their Real Nature. To become an inspiration for those who are not yet aware that the soul can blossom when the proper conditions are created. Hridaya has the aspiration to contribute to reassuring humanity that when our relationships are based mostly on Love, Truthfulness, Openness of the Heart, and, in general, on authentic spiritual values, life itself becomes a sacred celebration.

Please note that noncompliance with these guidelines may provide grounds for temporarily stopping you from being a teacher at the Hridaya Yoga Center. These guidelines apply without exception to all teachers at the Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte.