The witness Consciousness is present on a number of layers of various depths. When we speak about a conscious action, we usually refer to the attitude of being conscious of that particular action. However, according to the Advaita tradition, an action is truly conscious when the mind is transcended and when, at the same time, the individual consciousness is transcended as well, along with all its filters. A truly conscious action is one in which there is no individual observer, no personal objective, no expectation, and no reference to memory or to a particular authority. Yoga of the Spiritual Heart teaches us to discard or detach from the burden of our attachments of all sorts such as prejudices and physical and psychic attachments. Our action is conscious indeed only when we realize that the underlying background of that action is the Infinite Consciousness or the Spiritual Heart, that the Spiritual Heart is the ultimate source of any action. A conscious action is then the action which occurs free of any attachments and out of love rather then as a strategy to promote a self-image. The witness consciousness doesn’t imply seeking isolation from life or becoming inaccessible emotionally or in any way. On the contrary, the witness consciousness is the expression of the spiritual aspiration experienced in the “heart” of/in any gesture, action, asana, etc. As a mater of fact, ultimately, at the “heart” of any act is the Spiritual Heart, the divine consciousness.