(Udāna Vāyu): “That which carries upward,” one of the five vayus (vital energies). It is mainly responsible for the ascension of energy. It leads the soul to the astral and causal planes after death. It gives us joy and enthusiasm and helps awaken our higher spiritual and creative potential. It is active primarily in the region between the heart and the head, bringing prana to the energy centers deep in the brain. Thought and the awareness of the outside world would be impossible without it. As the vayu moving through sushumna nadi, udana is associated with the ascension of kundalini shakti. Udana vayu controls the area above the neck. It brings the consciousness and kundalini up to sahasrara during states of samadhi. Its functions are growth, speech, expression, and upward movement. It is related to the Ether element. Read more about the vayus.