(Turīyātīta): “Beyond the fourth [super-conscious state],” represents the final term of this hierarchy of existence, and is not part of the series. (Yogis speak of the Four States of Consciousness—turyatita would be the fifth.) It is, rather, a completely new perspective that transcends and integrates the other three states, being incommensurable with them. Turya (the fourth state) and turyatita are identical in content. We refer to turya when we speak about a transitory condition that appears in some special moments and then goes away, while turyatita is Pure Existence itself. It is the eternal turya in which distinctions between the three common states (waking, dreaming, and deep sleep) dissolve and are embraced in the unique background of Awareness—the pure bliss consciousness in which the entire objective world (the Universe, the body, etc.) is not separated from the Self.