Trika Yoga, a highly refined Tantric philosophy and practice, also known as non-dual Kashmir Shaivism. It views the world as a manifestation of Shiva (the Supreme Consciousness). This Pure Consciousness is conceived of as not inert, but dynamic, with its dynamism being a quality that is not separate from Consciousness itself. The Absolute is a paradox—both stillness and a dynamic vitality unified in a dynamic Stillness. In the Stillness of the absolute, that dynamism is spanda (the Sacred Tremor of the Heart). The phenomenal world with all its energies (shakti) is viewed as real; it exists and its very being is rooted in Consciousness (Shiva). The goal in Kashmir Shaivism is to merge into Shiva or better said, to realize our existing identity with Shiva, thus realizing that our existence is nothing but the boundless energy of Consciousness.