(Svādhiṣṭhāna Cakra): “One’s own dwelling” center. In Sanskrit, sva means “one’s own” or “self,” and adhisthana means “dwelling,” “residence,” or “seat.” Therefore, the literal translation of svadhisthana is “one’s own dwelling,” referring to the fact that, according to the yogic tradition, this chakra is the storehouse of the unconscious mind. The second chakra represents the place where the feeling of a human being as an individual entity solidifies. Svadhisthana grants attunement with water energy and magnetic forces, oversees our instincts (including hunger and sex), and confers sensitivity and social conformism. This chakra is associated with the predominant drive of seeking the personal pleasures offered by the senses—food, drink, lovemaking, etc. From the Hridaya Yoga perspective, this is the level where the “I”-feeling identifies with the pleasure of sensations. Read more about the chakras.