(Samāna Vāyu): The “unifying breath,” is one of the five vayus (vital airs). Active mainly in the area of the navel, it is responsible for the assimilation of food and brings balance between prana vayu (the inward moving air) and apana vayu (the downward moving air). Samana vayu moves from the periphery to the center. It is a concentrating, absorbing, and consolidating force. Its main function is the assimilation of prana in all its forms. It activates and controls the digestive system (the liver, intestines, pancreas, and stomach, as well as their secretions). At the mental level, it facilitates the digestion of ideas, providing nourishment and contentment. It gives us discrimination, mental concentration, and balance. Samana creates the one-pointedness of mind that leads to meditation and, further, to samadhi. Read more about the vayus.