(Sahasrāra): “The [lotus] of a thousand petals.” Although some texts assert that sahasrara is a chakra, it is not a chakra but a portal towards Oneness, the Supreme Reality of Shiva. It represents the “summum bonum” of all the energies of the human being. It has been translated as the “1,000-petaled lotus,” which signifies its holistic integration, magnitude, and importance in the yogic tradition. Sahasrara is also commonly known as shunya (the void), referring to Shiva as emptiness or transcendence. According to the yogic tradition, sahasrara is located at the top of the head. It represents the culmination of yogic sadhana (spiritual practice). For this reason, it is also known as the “crown center,” which refers not only to the fact that it is “located” on the top of the head, but also because it is the coronation of Hatha Yoga practice. Read more about the chakras.