Named Venkataraman at birth, at the age of sixteen Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) had an intense spiritual experience involving a sudden and overwhelming fear of death. He went into the experience and it became the death of his ego, which invoked a flood of Self-awareness. Soon after, he left home to pursue a purely spiritual life. He went to Arunachala, a South Indian mountain whose name had mysteriously called to him as a holy place worth seeking. He spent his time in deep meditation, often entering high states of consciousness and samadhi. Eventually, he settled on the slopes of Arunachala and his followers built an ashram around him. He answered their questions and commented on the spiritual works they presented to him, always with the same simple point, directing them to the source of their thoughts, as summed up in the “Who am I?” question. Ramana’s revelation regarding Self-Enquiry represents the essential teaching of Hridaya Yoga.