(Prakṛtilaya): “Dissolved in Nature” a blissful state of consciousness, mentioned by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. It is a condition in which the ecstatic state is still in connection with objectivity, not yet related to the inherent bliss of Pure Existence. This state is not ultimate liberation, as it is still in the domain of manifestation (albeit at a very subtle level)—the specific limitations of the objective, dualistic existence are still experienced. Prakritilaya also refers to a yogic swoon experienced in meditation, where there is no physical or astral awareness but only identification with the casual body. Here, the mind is devoid of any thoughts and the seeker feels that they have attained the state of bliss. However, soon after coming out of the swoon, their mind is again full of thoughts, dualities, and desires. Because of this, on the spiritual path we should aim to go deeper than prakritilaya.