(Mūlādhāra Cakra): The “basic substratum” center. In Sanskrit, mula means “root” or “base” and adhara means “substratum” or support.” Therefore, the word muladhara means “the basic substratum” or “the support center,” referring to its characteristic of being the foundation center of the human being. It is the first chakra, located in the area of the perineum. It is the seat of vitality (the “battery” of the being) and is attuned with Earth energies and mechanical forces such as gravity. In the Hridaya Yoga understanding, this is the level at which the “I” identifies with the physical body and with individual existence in a physical form. This gross identification of the “I”-feeling is the root of all the attributes related to muladhara chakra, such as self-centeredness, the desire to have food and shelter, the accumulation of material goods, money, friends, etc. Read more about the chakras.