(Maṇipūra Cakra): “The city of jewels” center. In Sanskrit, mani means “gem” or “jewel,” and pur means “city.” Therefore, the word manipura can be translated as “the city of jewels,” referring to the intensity of prana (energy) at this level. It is the third energy center in the human body, and attunes with agni (the subtle energy of fire). Manipura chakra is the center of dynamism and energy. It helps sublimate sexual energy into a more subtle form of energy called ojas. Manipura chakra is associated with the predominant drive of seeking power, attention, social position, and fame. At this level, the sense of the ego crystallizes. Therefore, the primordial concern of the human being at the level of consciousness of manipura chakra is acquiring identity in the world, personal power, recognition, and fame. In Hridaya Yoga terminology, this is the level where the “I”-feeling identifies with power, social status, position, fame, worldly ambitions, and respect (self-respect and also the pursuit of earning). Read more about the chakras.