A common mechanism or form of ignorance through which people cheat themselves and tend to forget the essential values of existence. Often, people live in compensation, knowing that even though their lifestyle is not what they really want, the few pleasures and desires that their agitated lives can provide are still a way to forget their incapacity to face the shallowness of their reality and commit to a deeper journey. Vairagya (dispassion, detachment) and abhyasa (spiritual practice) are the yogic remedies for living in this way. Vairagya is the abandonment of the false values, mental filters, and dogmas that create an incorrect interpretation of things and generate an erroneous relationship with the world and everything around us. Mental projections and false perceptions are the reason for our attachments and aversions, our likes and dislikes. When we free ourselves from the cloud of our habits, prejudices, and attachments, and start to practice Self-Enquiry, a natural consonance with all the values radiating from the Spiritual Heart arises. Thus, we stop living in compensation.