The “[Energetic] Bulb,” is a bulbous subtle organ that is considered in Hatha Yoga to be the origin point of the network of nadis (energy channels through which prana circulates in the whole subtle body). In Hatha Yoga, the lower abdominal area is not only associated with manipura chakra, but with this other, very important subtle structure. This structure is also known as kanda yoni the “bulb source,” and kanda sthana, the “bulb place.” Traditional Hatha Yoga texts state that the kanda is egg-shaped, soft, and white. The kanda is not situated (as are the other chakras) on sushumna nadi, but in the middle of the body. It is seen as a secret alchemical reservoir from which prana flows, first through muladhara and then through the other chakras during the ascension of kundalini.