(Dveṣa): Aversion; hatred; repulsion. It is one of the five kleshas (causes of the suffering). In the Yoga Sutras (2:8), Patanjali defines it in this way: “Aversion (dvesha) [is that which] is based on sorrowful [experiences].” Dvesha is the repulsion felt towards any person or object that is a source of pain or unhappiness to us. Repulsion and attraction are two faces of the same coin. Looking for pleasure and avoiding pain has never been a valid spiritual path. They both keep the human being at the level of the mind, grasping for what is pleasurable and rejecting what it is not pleasurable. They both direct the being in the external world, keeping the illusion that we may attain happiness by rejecting that which produces suffering and embracing that which gives pleasure. Dvesha is only raga (attachment) in the negative. Read more.