The Goddess of Space, the fourth of the Dasha Maha Vidyas (Ten Great Wisdoms). The Sanskrit name Bhuvaneshvari comes from bhuvana, meaning “world,” and Ishvari, meaning “Supreme Goddess” or “Supreme Mother.” Therefore, Bhuvaneshvari is the Supreme Mother of the worlds. As akasha (Ether), she not only creates worlds, but also sustains, supports, and nourishes them. She is an all-pervading force, the holder of space. Another name for Bhuvaneshvari is maya. The word maya comes from the root ma, meaning to measure—through Bhuvaneshvari’s action, the immeasurable is measured as space. In the Vedas, Bhuvaneshvari is known as Aditi—the Great Cosmic Mother, infinite and indestructible. She is known as primordial space, the origin of all manifestation, and the cosmic womb. Light comes to life in her, and therefore she is the mother of all suns and solar deities. The Divine Mother Bhuvaneshvari creates space so that all things in the manifest world can eventually arise.