(Ardhanārīśvara): “Half-female Lord,” a traditional representation of Shiva as half-male, half-female, suggesting the integration of polarity, the union between the masculine principle and the feminine principle. Along with Hakini Devi, he is the presiding deity of ajna chakra. Ardhanarishvara illustrates how Shakti is inseparable from Shiva. The union of these principles is the womb of all creation. The male half of Ardhanarishvara has camphor-blue skin. He holds a trident in his right hand. The female side of Ardhanarishvara is pink. She wears a red sari and shining golden ornaments are wound around her neck and arms. She holds a pink lotus, a symbol of purity. All duality has ceased—Ardhanarishvara is a complete entity, self-emanating and illustrious, having control over the mind and prana.