(Advaya Tāraka Upanishad): “The Sacred Teaching of the Non-Dual Liberator.” It is one of the shortest Yoga Upanishads, consisting in only nineteen short passages. This little-known yogic treatise describes a superior form of yoga, Taraka Yoga. Advaya Taraka, “The Non-dual Liberator,” is the Transcendental Consciousness that reveals itself to the yogi in a “multitude of fires.” Advaya Taraka Upanishad presents methods for the revelation of the mysterious spiritual light, the Light of all lights, which represents the ultimate background of our being. The practices it recommends mainly refer to the awareness of the subtle light. The great efficiency of this esoteric teaching is that this awareness very quickly leads to samadhi, a state in which samsara (the phenomenal world) is transcended.