Hridaya Yoga Mexico

Finding Us

Visit Us In Mazunte

The Hridaya Yoga Center can be found in the charming and sleepy little beach town of Mazunte, on the Pacific coast of the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico.

Mazunte is 10 minutes from Zipolite, 25 minutes from Puerto Angel, 30 minutes from Pochutla, and approximately 1 hour from both Puerto Escondido and Huatulco.

Bus travel to Oaxaca City takes about 6 hours, to Acapulco, 10, and to Mexico City (TAPO Bus Station), 16.

Finding Us

When you arrive in Mazunte, walk along the main street with the ocean on your right. You will pass the Turtle Center, and soon after the road will begin to climb. We are located at the peak of the hill. If you start going downhill again, you have gone too far.

From Mexico City

By Plane: From Mexico City it is possible to get a flight to Huatulco or Puerto Escondido—check around for which airlines have these flights, and remember to search domestic Mexican airlines such as Volaris, Viva AeroBus, and AeroMéxico for special fares.

By Bus: You have to go to one of these two Mexico City bus stations—Central del Sur Taxqueña, or TAPO—and look for the bus company “ADO” (Camiones ADO). There you ask for a ticket to go to Pochutla, Oaxaca (pronunciation: Wahaka). They cost around $1400 MXN, usually depart in the late afternoon or early evening, and take around 16.5 hours to get to Pochutla.

From Huatulco Airport to Hridaya Yoga

There are several options. First, you can take a taxi from inside the airport directly to us, but this is the most expensive way and will cost around $1400 MXN. Or, you can exit the airport and walk 200 meters to the main road. From here, you can take a private taxi (with good bargaining, around $700 MXN) directly to our center. Your last option is to exit the airport and find a shared taxi to Pochutla (about $45 MXN), and from there take a taxi ($200 MXN) or colectivo (shared pickup truck, $20 MXN) to Mazunte/San Agustinillo. Note that all taxis charge more when you request air conditioning.

From Puerto Escondido Airport to Hridaya Yoga

A taxi from inside the airport will be around $1200 MXN. It’s cheaper to walk out of the airport to the main road, cross the street, and take a private taxi directly to Mazunte ($700-800 MXN, more with air conditioning). Or, take a taxi ($30 MXN) or colectivo ($10 MXN) into the center of town. From there, you can catch a bus (in the direction of Pochutla or Huatulco) from near the SuperChe supermarket ($50 MXN). Ask the driver to drop you off at Las Cruces de San Antonio (it’s the crossroads where the OXXO convenience store is located). From here, you can take a private taxi ($100 MXN) or colectivo ($15 MXN) into Mazunte or San Agustinillo. Or, a more expensive bus also leaves from the bus station.

From Oaxaca City to Pochutla

By Plane: You can take a domestic flight from Oaxaca to Huatulco or Puerto Escondido, then follow the directions above on how to arrive at Hridaya Yoga.

By Bus: Travel by bus. There are two options—either the first-class tourist bus that takes a longer (8-9 hours), less winding route, or a regular minibus that is faster (6 hours) but takes very curvy mountain roads (Dramamine is recommended if you get motion sick). To take the first class bus, go to the ADO station in Oaxaca to buy a ticket, there are several departures each day, including one overnight bus. There are several minibus companies which also have several departures daily. You can search for one online or ask someone at your guesthouse in Oaxaca for a recommendation. Their departure times vary seasonally, so call ahead and check the schedule. One company is: Auto Expres de Turismo y Pasaje Atlántida, (951) 514-7077, calle Armenta y Lopez #621.

From Pochutla to Hridaya Yoga

From Pochutla you can take a taxi ($200 MXN private or $30 MXN shared) or a colectivo truck ($20 MXN, the ones to Mazunte/San Agustinillo leave from Calle Jamaica) to get here. Tell the driver to drop in “El Neem” or “el centro de yoga entre Mazunte y San Agustinillo.”

We look forward to meeting you!

If you have any problem finding us, please call +52 1 958 100 89 58.