Sacred Tantra

A 3-Day Online Workshop Exploring the Heart of Tantra

with Valentina Cannavò and Hadi Beyrouti

February 26–28, 2021

Presented in English

Experience the Power of Sacred Sexuality

Tantra is a vast subject, a profound spiritual path that can take many forms, including sexuality. Yet, at the core of the Tantric path is love, sacredness, and recognizing a divine Truth within all of life.

In this workshop, you will approach the relational and sexual aspects of Tantra from the perspective of the Heart. You will learn essential techniques and practical ways to control and redirect sexual energies, bringing deeper harmony to yourself and your relationships. Even more, you’ll begin to open to the profound dimensions of Tantra that aren’t found in the realm of words, but within your own heart, in your direct experience and perception.

This most fundamental aspect of Tantra is sometimes forgotten. You can learn about techniques and practical elements without embodying the essential Tantric vision. Practices are important in learning to control sexual energies, yet the highest sublimation comes from Love itself, the great wisdom that is found within.

Therefore, openness to this inner mystery, the depth that is the core of existence and that is the purpose of all spiritual practice, needs to become the priority if you genuinely aspire to open to the beauty of Tantra.

This workshop is presented by dedicated Hridaya teachers and experienced practitioners Valentina Cannavò and Hadi Beyrouti. A couple themselves, they bring a special tenderness and care to all of their offerings.


Join Us and Explore:

  • What is Tantra?
    • Love, Purity, Awareness, and Sacredness
  • Sexuality from the Tantric perspective
  • Polarity
  • Brahmacharya and the control of sexual energies
    • Essential practices for men, women, and couples
    • Meeting in the Heart
  • Awakening the senses
  • Transfiguration


Note that all times are listed in Central European Time (GMT +1). If joining from another time zone, please use a time zone converter to confirm session times in your area. If you are unable to attend the live sessions, this course will also be available by video recording.


February 24th at 19:00
Join the intro session via this link.


Friday the 26th & Saturday the 27th
Two sessions: 14:00-16:30 and 18:00-20:30

Sunday the 28th
One session: 14:00–17:00

“In my world, Love is the only law. I do not ask for it, I give it.”
–Nisargadatta Maharaj

Pricing and Registration

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Please Note:

  • This workshop is presented in English .
  • This program will take place via Zoom. More information will be provided upon registration.
  • This workshop is suitable for singles and couples.
  • No previous experience is required, as this workshop is open to all.
  • There is no nudity or explicit sexuality during the Zoom sessions.
  • Please read our Payment, Refund, and Amendment Guidelines before booking.


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