Mystical Woman

A 3-Day Embodied Immersion into
the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

with Vira Maria and Turiya Ma

September 26–28, 2024

Presented in English in Longeval, France

Dive into the Sacred Teachings of Mary Magdalene to

Unearth the Mystical Woman That You Are

This immersion with Vira Maria and Turiya Ma is an invitation for you to join us on the powerful initiatory Path of the Magdalene.

During this 3-day retreat into the ancient Rose Mysteries, we will dive into the sacred teachings of Mary Magdalene and unearth the mystical woman that lies within your very own Heart-Womb.

The relatively little-known Gospel of Mary Magdalene, as translated by Jean-Yves Leloup, is a revolutionary and sacred scripture that reframes history and opens us to Her-Story. It’s a story that the patriarchy tried to burn and destroy, authored by a woman who was silenced and slandered for millennia, that reveals a clear and direct feminine path towards Self-mastery and Heart-centered leadership.

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene emphasizes inner preparation, introspection, inner alchemy, and inner transformation for the highest benefit of all. Drawing upon key teachings shared in this precious gospel, as a circle of dedicated sisters, we will move from mere intellectual understanding towards an embodied, vibrant, and complete revelation of the mystical woman that you already are.

This Immersion Is for You:

  • If you feel a resonance with Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, and the Lineage of the Rose
  • If you feel the longing to bridge authentic spirituality and feminine embodiment
  • If you want to unearth your inherent feminine power and leadership
  • If you long to own your visionary effervescence
  • If you are called to step into true service


During our time together, we will journey through a blend of sacred scripture, mystical discourse, embodiment practices, feminine yoga, prayer, healing modalities, sharing circles, and rituals.

Topics Include:

  • Activating the Nous (the Sacred Tremor of the Heart)
  • Opening to your oracular potential
  • Expressing your authentic feminine voice
  • Exploring the 7 initiatory gates, guardians, and powers
  • Awakening your feminine energy portals
  • Resurrecting the Anthropos (the Divine Human)



18:30-20:30Welcome Meeting


7:00-8:00Meditation (optional)
9:15-13:00Morning Teaching and Practice
13:45-16:00Rest and Contemplation
16:00-18:00Afternoon Teaching and Practice
19:00-20:30Temple Ritual
20:30-22:00Free Time or Optional Activities
22:00Mauna (noble silence)

“Peter said to Mary: ‘Sister, we know that the Teacher loved you differently from other women. Tell us whatever you remember of any words he told you which we have not yet heard.’”
–The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Pricing and Registration

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September 25 – 29, 2024Mystical WomanVira Maria and Turiya MaPricing and Registration

Please Note:

  • This retreat is presented in English at our center in Longeval, France, and is open to all women. No previous experience is required.
  • The dates listed above are for accommodation. The course begins the morning after the date of arrival and ends the evening before departure. Check-in is available from 14:00 on the 20th.
  • All participants are asked to bring the following: One white ceremonial outfit, one black ceremonial outfit, one red ceremonial outfit, and an object for the altar that represents the rebirth of your inner mystical woman.
  • Please read our Payment, Refund, and Amendment Guidelines before booking.
  • For more information about our center, including how to get to Longeval, please visit this page.


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