At-Home 4-Day Hridaya Easter Retreat

The Path of Love and Surrender to the Divine

with Antoaneta Gotea

April 1–4, 2021

By Conscious Donation

Journey into the Realm of the Spiritual Heart

In this period of fear, panic, anxiety, and dismay, we may find ourselves compelled to re-evaluate our lives—a natural yearning to go deeper can emerge that leads us to seek the true meaning of life and contemplate the impermanence of everything manifest.

Ultimately, we are inspired to search for the Truth, for the ineffable dimension within ourselves. And, what time could be more auspicious than Easter, a period of renewal and celebration of Eternity?

This 4-day Easter silent meditation retreat with senior Hridaya teacher Antoaneta is an invitation to turn our attention inward and look for the Light within ourselves, to discover that the highest phenomenon that a human being can experience is the compassion that resides in our own hearts.

We’ll journey into the realm of the Heart with the teachings of Jesus seen through the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta and Bhakti Yoga. We’ll turn our attention to Love, the most powerful force in the Universe, and practice not only for ourselves but for the benefit of all human beings.

No previous meditation or yoga experience is required to participate. Registration is by conscious donation.*

This retreat will be live-streamed from France via Zoom. To accommodate different time zones, it will also be available on-demand. Video recordings will become available as soon as possible after each retreat session. You are welcome to start on the same day if it is practical for you to do so or to start on the following day. Recordings will be accessible for ten days. Participants will need to choose between either participating live or by recording for the duration of the retreat.


This Retreat Features Guided Meditations and Teachings, Including:

  • Bhakti Yoga—the path of surrender
  • The Heart Center according to the teachings of Ramana Maharshi
  • Prayer and the Prayer of the Heart
  • Commentary on Jesus’ prayer, Our Father
  • Commentary on the Beatitudes
  • Jnana and Bhakti Yoga in Jesus’s teachings
  • The profound meaning of Jesus’ resurrection
  • Loving-kindness and compassion

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.”


Note that all times are listed in Central European Time (GMT +2). If joining from another time zone, please use a time zone converter to confirm session times in your area.

On-demand viewing will be available the day after each session. Therefore, it will be more practical for on-demand participants to plan to start one day after the actual retreat start date.


8:00-10:00Teachings and meditation
10:30-12:00Hridaya Hatha Yoga
16:30-19:00Q&A, teachings, and meditation

Easter Sunday

8:00-10:00Teachings and meditation
10:30-12:30Q&A and closing meditation


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Please Note:

  • This retreat is presented in English.
  • Registration is by conscious donation.* If you cannot currently afford to give a donation, we invite you to consider giving a non-monetary gift or offering of support to someone else, whether this be someone you know or not. Even if you are able to make a donation, we invite you to consider reaching out to support others. In this way, you can help create an inspiring wave of generosity that will ripple out to those around you.
  • The retreat will be livestreamed on Zoom from Château de Longeval in France. It will also be available on-demand. Details on how to join will be provided prior to the retreat start date.

  • No previous meditation or yoga experience is required.

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