Testimonials from Hridaya Yoga Retreat Modules

  • “I felt like this was my home the very first day. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming.” –Brooke, USA

    “Honestly, this was such a cool thing to experience at my age (16), and I’m so grateful to be able to carry this knowledge with me for the rest of my life.” –Brooke, USA

    “For me, every single day was worth it.” –Martina, Germany

    “Beginners to advanced, this course is for an open and thirsty heart.” –Claire, USA

    “Not what I expected, but exactly what I needed!” –Kate, UK

    “Felt like home right away. Everything you’d need to want to feel to be able to let your guard down and heal.” –Aimee, New Zealand

    “I think the only place you might find more support is with your family! That’s what I felt here, like part of a big family. All the teachers were always happy to talk and listen.” –Keiran, New Zealand

    “I don’t think I’ve ever felt more accepted in my whole life.” –Pyry, Finland

    “Coming here was the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. Over the course of less than a month, I learned innumerable tools to apply towards living a healthier more focused, balanced and spiritual life. Beyond the value of the coursework, I’m immensely grateful for the community that supported my personal transformation here.” –Jesse, USA

    “It has changed my life in ways I wouldn’t even imagine. It is the most powerful experience with yoga I’ve ever had in my life.” –Elizabeth, Norway

    “One of the most free and loving communities I have been in. There’s lots of room to grow in it.” –Malte, Denmark

    “It was a life changing experience. The course was built in a way that naturally allowed freedom, change, and joy to surface.” –Malte, Denmark



    “Module One exceeded my expectations. On one hand, I learned the roots of hatha yoga, which was my priority, but besides the theoretical part during the course I connected with myself and interiorized, recognizing patterns and behaviors both positive and negative, which only the teachings of Hridaya Yoga has provided me.” –Ayari

    “Love is in each person, in each look, in each meal, in each word. There is no way you cannot get involved and feel the truthfulness and love spread at the center. Thank you so much.” –Ayari

    “Each day offered something new, from the asanas to the teachers and lectures; a wonderful foundation to build a life upon.” –Jay

    (The course was) “wonderful! I learned so much about myself and the people around me. The information was thorough and the practice was beautifully tailored to everyone’s needs and bodies. These are teachings I will take with me through the rest of my life.” –Vanessa

    “People looking to start or deepen their spiritual practice will find in Hridaya a wonderful community and the most inspiring set with San Agustinillo’s beach harboring the meditative atmosphere of the classes.” –Carlos

    “Eternal gratitude for this powerful and transformational journey. I loved the yoga classes, the lectures, the beautiful people, the place in general. Deep appreciation for the care, love, openness and time of the teachers. Blessings!” –Alicia

    “I have found the course to be invaluable in the pursuit of a spiritual path. Words cannot express my gratitude to the teachers and Sahajananda. I have been searching for a place to learn the REAL yogic teachings and system. I finally found it. I will be back for more courses and workshops in the future.” –Amy

    “I felt very welcome. The staff, teachers, karma yogis and other students have all been welcoming and loving. No fake people here. Such a beautiful community! I was honored to be a part of it and will be back!” –Amy

    “The course was simply wonderful as it goes straight to the heart of spiritual practice – meditation. The course offers a path to transcendence from suffering and has a deep intelligence, drawing on the deeper teachings of yoga.” –Bettina

    “With no previous yoga experience, the course layout and material provided a strong foundation for my future personal practice.” –Shelly

    “The community is very welcoming and accepting and it is a safe place both physically and emotionally.” –Shelly

    (This course is) “the real deal!” –Kaz

    “Excellent course, well-organized with lots of individual support and opportunity for growth.” –Tim

    “I felt more welcome here than almost any other place I can remember. I felt happy and safe and I felt love everywhere I went.” –Tim

    “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” –Anonymous

    “I’ve never been to a community like this, in which love is real.” –Anonymous

    (The course is) “very comprehensive. I loved the course booklets! The teachers are very passionate and heart-centered. I loved it!” –Anonymous

    “The course was very good. I enjoyed the yoga and observing my body’s progress over the four weeks. I appreciated the fact we were pushed quite hard to hold poses for a long time, and also that I got the opportunity to learn to do a headstand!” –Abbie

    “I really enjoyed the whole course experience. I feel very blessed for having been able to be here. I enjoyed the classes, the lectures, the discussion groups, the conversations and the spirit of the people here – it is beautiful and amazing how much I’ve learned from everyone I’ve met here.” –Leti

    “I was expecting an intensive yoga course – which is what I got – but I wasn’t expecting to learn so much about myself, my mind, body and heart. Thank you.” –Max

    “A great introduction to spirituality and yoga. Extremely inspirational and life-changing.”–Erling

    “It was exactly what I was looking for – a space to feel safe and supported and where I can start to build the foundations for being in touch with a form of knowledge that comes from within. I feel very grateful to everyone at Hridaya – it is an example of the power of the Heart.” –Geraldo

    “One of the best times of my life! Fun, fulfilling, life-changing. Loved it!” –Anonymous

    “With all my heart I express my gratitude for this profound, beautiful and life-enriching experience. Thank you.” –Aranka

    “Amazing, inspiring, uplifting, purifying, energising, heart opening, healing, illuminating!” –Laurie