“The true change is within, leave the outside as it is.” -H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama

Cultivating Compassion: A 3-Day Workshop with Alison and David

An Invitation to Recognize Our One True Nature

Compassion can sometimes be viewed as a challenging value to truly cultivate and can seem to be a virtue relegated to the lives of saints and mystics. But, what if we discovered and approached compassion as already innate within us as a direct emanation of our Essential Nature?

This workshop will be an exploration of the reality that compassion is not something originating outside of us. During these three days, through various practices, exercises, and meditations, we will explore our capacity to live our lives centered in compassion. Learning to reveal compassion as fundamental within ourselves is one way of truly embodying the Hridaya spirit of “Living with an Open Heart.”

All teachings and activities will be explored on the backdrop of the deeper vision of non-duality as presented and embraced in the Hridaya Yoga tradition and by the great masters and mystics such as Ramana Maharshi in his Self-Enquiry teachings. This workshop will be facilitated by Alison and David, Hridaya teachers and enthusiasts of the path of the Heart, but will mainly be fuelled by the eagerness and willingness of its participants to explore and open more deeply and vulnerably to this fundamental quality of the Heart.

No previous knowledge of Hridaya Yoga is necessary to attend this workshop, however, all previous practice and experience in the field of the Heart is most welcome and will simply enrich this shared journey.

During this three-day workshop among the many practices, meditations, and techniques for cultivating and opening deeper to the reality of compassion, there will be:

  • Heart circle sharings: How to share with others openly and compassionately from the Heart
  • Practical elements of compassionate communication (inspired by the Nonviolent Communication work of Marshall Rosenberg)
  • Tonglen: Cultivating compassion, a Tibetan Buddhist approach and practice
  • Hridaya Meditation
  • The Blessing of the Heart practice
  • A vigil for compassion: The workshop includes an all-night group vigil dedicated to an intense cultivation and offering of compassion to oneself and to all sentient beings. This vigil will include various meditations, prayer, walking meditation, and kirtan (devotional singing).
  • Heart-centered Hatha Yoga
  • The power of empathy: The art of truly listening
  • Compassion in the eyes of non-dual teachings
  • Self-Compassion & Self-Love Judgement: shifting from judgement of ourselves and others to compassion and understanding
  • Transfiguration: Seeing beyond separateness and opening to Presence