Quotes by Sahajananda 2017

• Real good news is not information about the future, but speaks the truth of Now: You are the silent, eternal presence in which all bad and good news is observed, handled, and enjoyed.

• Reason is rationalizing your illusions.

• Let’s crush the space between us, embracing each other with our ribs, squeezing the seconds with the power of Love—an alchemy of eternity.

• Surrender means enjoying the strength of being fragile.

• The real celebration of Life is being fulfilled by the moment, when there is an utter collapse of any idea about yourself and all that you believe in.

• Rather than looking for beautiful people, I see that hidden beauty of the world.

• Past suffering is healed by the cure of the Present, that tender Presence…

• Take the regretting-moth of your past and give it the kiss of the fire-present.

• See what comes when in “I am sad” you change from a loyalty to “sadness” to a loyalty to “I.”

• We don’t understand when we just listen to words but remain deaf to Stillness.

• Listen to things speaking in spite of their apparent silence, and hear the stillness in spite of the world’s seeming noise.

• Such a striking paradox the phrase “reconnect with yourself” reveals. It hits us with the understanding: “So, somehow, being busy with living, I lost myself.” And the soul therapists start asking “when,” “how,” “why”? But, this is not relevant—”who” remains the question. Who is that me?

• The mystic’s quarrel with the Beloved: “O God, you broke my heart again.”

• When one is attracted by another one, the “another” shouldn’t be emphasized, but the Oneness.

Quotes by Sahajananda 2016

• Christmas—something very old that manifests itself as something fresh. In this consists the glory of any perception. It is like Rumi’s beloved friend Shams of Tabriz, whose gaze “was never cast upon some fleeting object without rendering it eternal.”

• “To find a pearl dive deep into the ocean, don’t look in fountains. To find a pearl you must emerge from the water of life always thirsty.” -Rumi

In ancient Greece, divers from Delos were famous for their ability to stay underwater for minutes at a time. Socrates mentions them, saying that in order to understand real philosophy, to penetrate deep inside it and stay there as long as necessary, “we would need to be a diver from Delos.”

In meditation, we are doing the same thing: we dive deeper and deeper into the Heart, into that mysterious Kingdom of Stillness, staying there as long as possible. We hope that when we come back to the surface, the pearl of Truth will prevent us from being drowned again in the world.

• In the absence of thoughts, this moment is a perfect moment—it is not about what you perceive, think or feel. Perfection doesn’t mean fairy tale romances, seeing shooting stars, or feeling angels’ wings flowering from behind your shoulders. Perfection is beyond meaning.
The Point of Power of this moment is You — a non-dimensional point.
In the absence of thoughts, this moment is always perfect.

• Live your life as if you would live forever; live your life as if you would die today. There is no contradiction in these affirmations. They actually complete each other. It means recognizing the eternity of your being and surrendering to it in every moment of your life. Be simple, not dramatic, but always find the real meaning, life’s perfection. Otherwise, you risk losing your lifetime in living while you forget about yourself.

In Tolstoy’s novel The Death of Ivan Ilyich the main character, a high magistrate, realizes that only a few days remain until his death. He spends his last days yelling and screaming bitterly because he understands only then, in those last few moments, what he was supposed to understand long before. His despair isn’t because he will die, but because he becomes aware only then, when apparently nothing can be changed, that he didn’t really live. He has done nothing with his life. He has simply squandered it. He hasn’t filled his days with his own Being, with real awareness. Others came to pour into his days what, in the human consensus, people pour in them: a career, a marriage, a few parties, etc.

And he finally understands: authentic life is marked by love; artificial life by selfishness. Then, “some force” strikes Ivan in the chest and he is brought into the presence of a bright light. And his terror of death leaves him, while “death itself disappears.”

For some, the fear of death does not come from the end itself, but from the elapsed time seen in the mirror of this end-eternity. What have I done with the “mortal” days of my life?

What remains from each moment that just passes, fallen to the bottom of the hourglass? Days like useless shells, empty and uninhabited, or the light and love of Being?

• We learn about tapas, asceticism, not as pain, but as a blissful condition, and we may ask: “How much do we need to have inside in order to want less of what is outside?” Later, we understand that it is not a matter of possession and quantity. The joy of any sacrifice lies in the taste of the omnipresent fullness of Being.

Quotes by Sahajananda 2015

• Whenever I feel blue, I just remember: this means that I am the sky!

• The deeper you know yourself, the deeper unconditional love is…

• The Being always exudes its perfume. When the human can feel it, that is Love.

• There is no Awareness without You. Without Awareness, there is no You.

• Don’t aim to become a sexy bomb. In the simplicity of the Heart, be a devotional bomb.

• Practice Self-enquiry and keep that Faith that can move mountains. You will move not only mountains but the whole world from objectivity to Oneness.

• You may have trauma about religions, but never about Devotion.

• In any act, set your heart on fire and graciously exhale your fragrance of love.

• You know that sense of deep intimacy, that secret joy, silently shared in a glance with your Lover? Share that secret with the whole world.

• Love is what you are. It is just that you forgot this in pleasantries. Cease hiding yourself from You.

• Oneness is revealed not through your extension, but through your extinction.

Master: The One thing that really matters is no-thing, Oneness.
Disciple: Still, does the rest matter one way or another?
Master: Since Oneness embraces everything, there can be no “rest.” Therefore, just rest in the One.

• A prayer stays between words and stillness, as clouds between earth and sky. To pray is to look beyond the passing clouds for the face of God.

• Nature is perfect because it is not analytical. Love is the alma mater of the world and its ultimate destination. Pure Existence is Freedom and Love.

• Put your thoughts in the noose of the present moment. Behind the scaffold of your mind, eternity smiles.

• There are moments of terrifying lucidity in which the finite human drama appears as just an injury of Life, a wound of eternity.

• Self-enquiry brings a change of paradigms. It is not meant to calm you, your body and mind. The body/mind is caressed in the gentle breeze of your eternity.

• When the decisive moment comes, when you hear the call of the Beloved from the depths of your being, offer yourself completely. Surrendering body, mind, and soul, let his sweet appeal give you the courage to face the imminent death of your illusions.

• Happiness needs nothing,
Unhappiness needs many things.
And yet,
In happiness and in unhappiness,
With any thing and with no thing—Who am I?

• There is a pace of mind, there is a rhythm of life which feels natural. When you can see how life unfolds from moment to moment, you taste its sweetness.

• The real acceptance of emotions is not a personal indulgence. To embrace an emotion means to feel it, in the absence of thoughts. Stillness, not the personality, is what embraces it.

• Don’t waste yourself in thoughts and emotions.
The freshness of life is vaster than thoughts.

• There is nothing critical, there is nothing urgent, except awareness.

• To be in the Now means to be the Now, now.

• You can begin to be in the Now, but in the Now there is no beginning.

• When there is nothing to be grasped mentally, from where can confusion arise?

• Many try to find the Here and Now in space and time. Learn to also honor space and time in the Here and Now.

• Don’t compare yourself with others. Rather, inquire what is One, behind all forms of you and others.

• Don’t look for salvation in thoughts or states. Look for their Creator…You.

• Wonderment is a lightning bolt of Trust—it is beyond the realm of questions and answers.

• If you want to get something from the moment, you lose the Moment.

• Live in Love like fish live in water.

• There can be no reaction to Stillness, only to our idea of Stillness. And, that idea is in itself a reaction.

• In wordless observation the world cannot be less.

• Sometimes when you add surrender to your confusion it becomes wonderment.

• The grace of being human lies not in the abundance of imagination but in the simplicity of awareness.

• Don’t waste your time. It is meant for eternity.

• “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and right doing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there
.” –Rumi

…there is a field of solitude. Meet yourself there… –Sahajananda

• In the symphony of the Heart, let thoughts play pianissimo…

• The rational mind: the gift of horizontal understanding and the curse of forgetting a simpler world of Stillness.

• Mauna is a word fast. Feasts of words need periods of detoxification…

Q: Learn, learn, learn! But what is to be learned?
A: Learn to Witness, Witness, Witness…

• The “Who am I?” question contains a discreet invitation to choose: do you want to abide in truth or in historicity? Self-enquiry is the freedom to affirm the eternity that you are…

• Complicit with so many images, we become imagination and we drown in it. Have you taken the time to dive in the sky today? Or did you look for another dimension, the sky inside? There is no need for an answer – it is irrelevant. Do it now!

• Don’t look for Stillness in the carousel of thoughts; rather, let Stillness be the cradle of your thoughts.

Solstice Message 2015

In the beginning of 1948, Gandhi undertook his last fast in New Delhi, in order to persuade Hindus and Muslims in that city to come back to peace. And he succeeded…

If this kind of behavior doesn’t seem completely crazy to you, if acting for the love of others makes sense and you believe in its redemptive potentialities, then honor such faith as a precious treasure of your heart. And know that you are never alone, because this hallmark brings us together. When expressed, this love-action becomes the highest form of karma yoga. True action is not in conflict with being, but an affirmation of it. Real work brings us back to the Center. Selfish action is a denial of the Heart, is a forgetfulness of what we are. The more externalized our actions, the more our thoughts, emotions, and dramas become incurable platitudes. They bring attainments but not awareness. They are poisonous because they dissolve the sense of eternity.

Love-action is in itself Self-enquiry and its silent answer. The sweet madness of selflessness is the main power that changes paradigms and worlds… Trust in it!

In reverence for the universal Love that shines in you-me,

Quotes by Sahajananda 2014

• Hridaya means Heart. Hridaya Yoga is yoga of the sweetness of the Heart. It is the Heart of yoga.

• We are not looking to bring spirituality into our daily life. That would mean that spirituality is just an annex, a plug-in, and daily life is what really matters. Instead, we reintegrate daily life into spirituality. The ocean contains the waves, not vice versa.

• Always live with an Open Heart. This means being available to both the outer and the inner worlds. The openness of the Heart is nothing else but the vastness of pure awareness, the eternity of the present moment.

• A message in a bottle from those lost in the ocean of consciousness: Practice Self-enquiry and welcome the shipwreck of the ego.

• Christ was resurrected from death, with death stepping on death. Like Him, you should exist in nonexistence.

• Don’t lose time investigating the personal cause of your problems, because the source of your problems is ignorance. You might find and fix a trauma from your childhood, but the suffering continues because of ignorance: seeing yourself as separate from others. Suffering is removed by realizing that there is essentially only one inseparable domain of the Heart. Therefore don’t look for the circumstantial source of your problems—look for the source of your awareness.

• Between the remorse of the past and the anxiety of the future is always hidden the freedom of Now—the only real key to transformation.

• When saying “I love you,” ask “Who am I?” If the “I” is your need to possess, your fear of being alone, or your sexual drive, then your declaration doesn’t make sense. After that kind of “I,” the word “love” cannot follow.

• When you are in the present moment you don’t need time. You don’t want things to finish quicker. You don’t even want it to last forever.

• What does “give me the rest” mean? When perception takes away the details, this gives you the rest. What is your rest? When you take away your body, emotions, and mind, what remains? Totality.

• It is true, last night you dreamt of being a butterfly. But that was before. Now you know you are awareness adorned with people, butterflies, and dreams.

• Does that angel who is now tenderly caressing my heart have a name? No, is just a breeze on the ocean of Stillness.

• What is the sound of one hand clapping?
What is the sound of one?
What is the sound?
Who is the One?
“I am” is the answer that contains all the questions.

• Don’t be sad that you are not a good storyteller. This is a great opportunity to say only the things that matter.

• The mind is always telling you different stories to believe. Like this one, now…

• In spirituality, true knowledge refers to pure awareness, Stillness. The rest is packaging.

• Meditation is a natural process of deconditioning. It brings the precious gift of intimacy. Intimacy with yourself and, therefore, with the world.

• The mind cannot explain the mystery of Oneness. The secret unveils itself when you start knowing how to open your Heart totally and unconditionally.

Q: What is the purpose of life?
A: Don’t think about your life in terms of a purpose. Rather, see it as a poem.

• After so many love stories, consider a love affair with God, the Heart. God is not abstinent.

• Inquiring about itself, the “I” gets maturity. In the awareness of the awareness, the “I-I” is a mature “I” that starts naturally detaching from the fascination of objects.

• When the “I am” has fewer burdens to identify with, happiness and freedom appear spontaneously. That’s why during silent meditation retreats people burst into laughter for no reason.

• It’s funny that we listen to lectures that are nothing else but an effort of the mind to convince us how beautiful Stillness is.

• There comes a phase in meditation when thoughts are completely irrelevant, like the repetitive chattering of an old woman. At other times, they start having the indeterminacy they have before sleep. Out of lack of clarity and power they cannot disturb you anymore.

• Unselfish originality in yoga is when you ask the question “Who am I?” as if you were the very first human ever to ask it. So this approach is essentially authentic and original, and the answer is supremely intimate. At the same time, you realize that the question is as old as self-awareness in human beings. So, there is no reason to be special in a selfish way.

• Yes, moral rules do have just a relative value, but they are rooted in the same absolute value—the Heart. They should be followed not for the relative, but for the truth of Love settled in the Heart.

• Surrender requires courage. In meditation, you confront yourself with your problems again and again until you finally understand the absolute need to let go. Otherwise, you will continue to emphasize the lack of acceptance, regrets, pain… When acceptance comes, I can see smiles on your faces.

• The real dialogue with God happens in silence—it is the Sacred Tremor of the Heart. When in the consecration of your actions to the divine you try to listen to an answer “from God,” a limitation appears because you tend to emphasize God’s answer and not the purity of your intention.

• In surrender, you move from the position of “negotiating with God” about an action you are considering, to a total, unconditional availability to the present moment.

• The idea of Oneness is the highest inspiration in Love. There it feels so obvious.

• “Who am I?” is not a mystery to be solved, but a mystery to live with.

August 2014 Message

Homage to the Present Moment

Stop now and recognize… Life itself, with all its nuances, hells, and heavens, just blossoms from the present moment.

Observe a tree, a smile, a sunset, a memory. See that each has no border, no internal limit. There is a sense of openness and surrender in this reverential vision, which strikes like lightning. Being anything and everything in the foam of transience.

We suffer from “past” and “future.” We rush through life, we run after time, and it seems that there is no end.

Only the present moment is divine, infinite, irretrievable—rest in it (you don’t even need to take a deep breath for this :)). The moment that we are living—that is living. Now.

The awareness of this instant is in itself a sacred intuition. Knowing that everything is final, that there is only one moment, every moment; that the tree of life is an outburst of eternity in any act of our being.

Learn to love useless moments. We always have paths to follow, points to hit, needs to fulfill. Make these goals lose their enchanting power. Taste imperfection. When the “purpose” of life is the joy of this “imperfection,” this very acceptance becomes the secret to perfection. But how can we accept the mystery of the obvious? How can we be in love with such a simple fascination?

It takes only a moment of awakening and the netting of common reality opens to reveal what we really are: …

Summertime Message 2014

Introspection into the source of Life

Beyond the life of the body, mind, and soul, there is a fundamental radiation of existence.
The source of Being, like a scorching sun, melts all these tools of individuality.
Remaining centered in It (the Pure “I”), everything takes place against a background of bliss; thoughts and emotions that arise are directly illuminated by It.
A functionality of mind in which the main dimension—”Who am I?”—is no longer ignored.
There is still an inner life, a mental and physical universe, but it has its reference impersonal bliss and eternity. The mind can still use concepts, but their reality becomes very relative and ephemeral, as in a dream. Any ordinary word can transform itself into a pure mantric (sacred) sound; a bird’s song seems to reverberate to infinity, in the valleys of the Heart.

The way of knowing through harmony

Beyond any mental activity, between what we think we are and the universe, inherent harmonies of Existence are revealed.
Knowing through harmony is not an attribute of the mind, but of the whole being. The whole being becomes, by this very act of knowledge, more integrative and “inconsistent,” as a soap bubble that reflects everything on its surface, the whole world, a bubble ready to explode in every moment.
There is an inherent “music of the spheres” in any object and in space itself. This music of objects, a music of the spheres, ecstatically melts objectivity, the dual consciousness, the division of “you” and “me.”
The easiest way to merge two objects is to make them vibrate in the harmony of loving everything, in the harmony of Oneness.
Again and again, the axis remains the pure subjective consciousness, the “I am” that swallows the dream of objectivity.

Springtime Message 2014

In meditation, listen to the songs of birds with your Heart. With Open Attention, explore the countless nuances of your soul revealed in their trills.

In this listening, joy and suffering bring the same fire and inner purification. Emotions and wounds cease to be personal stories, they reverberate in universal longings. They become the tenderness of the void…

When your Tremor of the Heart conquers time, this is eternity.

With Love,

Valentine’s Day Message 2014

Today is the time to celebrate Love. Do you want some guidelines to honor it? Then, remember Love is playfulness, not a behavior; there are no rules.

And don’t forget…tomorrow is a Celebration of Love, too.

With Love,

New Year’s Message 2014

Blessed New Year!

It is a threshold between years. During this time we tend to express hopes and expectations for what we’ll do and how the next year will be.

Let the fever of the spiritual calling, not just rational optimism, provide the enthusiasm and bring your trust in life.

Look for revolutions inside, not outside. May this year make you understand that the real transformations come from the Heart. Remember that the moments you look to the stars don’t pertain to temporality. And that you come closer to what you are when you keep merging your being in eternity.

Keep the awareness of the awareness. It was not out of cynicism or extravagance that Diogenes, the ancient sage, walked with a lantern in broad daylight, to look for a real man. He was looking for a man of awareness…

With Love,