Embodying Grace:
A Journey in Somatic Spirituality

A 3-Day Workshop Exploring the Self and Its Authentic Expression through Somatic Practices

with Heather McFarland and Iris

November 12–14, 2021

“Within my body are all the sacred places of the world…
I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.”


Through somatic meditation, breathwork, and conscious movement practices, this workshop with Iris and Heather will lead you on a journey to discovering the most intimate core of your being.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Life wants to live. The infinity that you are wants to express itself through these forms.

Both science and spirituality tell us that there is no such thing as physical matter. That the appearance of the physical body and the world are not fixed events in space and time, but uniquely individual and beautiful crystallizations of the infinite essence of Being.

This workshop presents methods to explore the physicality of your being, revealing the body’s inherent freedom and limitlessness experientially.

The boundless expanse of pure presence is your true body, a body free of conceptual limitations and beliefs.

“There is no division between the spirituality of the mind and the spirituality of the body; they are both the same… The definition of samsara is a mind that parts company with the body. The definition of an awakened person is one for whom there is no separation of mind and body. To know the body is to know awareness. To know awareness in its pure state is to know the awakened state.” –Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

While the journey to embodiment requires determination and can be challenging, you will develop your capacity to trust and surrender through this approach. You’ll learn to feel your entire being and to relax tensions, judgments, and limitations, enveloping them in the loving embrace of your own embodied presence

The somatic meditation practices taught in this workshop come from the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist tradition and can heal physical, emotional, and mental traumas held in the body, creating the conditions to reveal the essential foundation of the being and harmoniously express it through these forms.

The practices are inspired by the teachings of Reggie Ray (a teacher in the Kagyu lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche) and synthesized with the non-dual wisdom of the Hridaya Yoga teachings.


Join Us and Experience:

  • Self-Inquiry as an embodied practice
  • A range of somatic (body-based) meditation practices
  • Conscious movement practices to unravel the tendencies of the subconscious mind without the need for the rational mind
  • Simple breathwork and pranayama techniques to heighten sensitivity to the inherent radiance of your bodily presence
  • The release of years (if not generations) of mental/emotional conditioning held as chronic tension in the body
  • How to directly process and navigate emotions without referring to the lens of the conceptual mind
  • An opening to deeper self-love and compassion
  • A more profound and realistic understanding of and relationship with the body as an integrated part of the non-dual journey


This Workshop Features Two Sessions Daily:

Morning Sessions
7:30 am–12:30 pm
Afternoon Sessions
3:30–6:30 pm

Schedule subject to change.

Pricing and Registration

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Please Note:

  • This workshop is presented in English at our center in Mazunte, Mexico.
  • This workshop is practice-oriented and open to all. No previous yoga or meditation experience is required.
  • No accommodation is available on-site for this workshop. Please come to the Hridaya Yoga Center a few minutes before 7:30 am on the first day to complete the registration process.
  • Please read our Coronavirus Safety Guidelines as well as our Registration Guidelines before booking.
  • Construction Notice: To improve our facilities for students and staff, we have begun an exciting renovation project at our center. Our construction crew is mindful of the need for a peaceful atmosphere, and we are confident that the workshop will still provide its full depth and benefits. However, there may sometimes be noise disruptions.
  • Hridaya Yoga is a non-profit organization. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to practice, which is why we keep our prices low. If the costs still exceed your means, you are welcome to apply for our low-income discount.
  • Please bring a pen and paper and wear comfortable clothing.

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