The Effects of Practicing
Hridaya Yoga

The Effects of Practicing Hridaya Yoga Are:

  1. The improvement of the awareness of our True Nature, the Spiritual Heart (the presence of the Witness Consciousness).
  2. Increased sensitivity to energies and the ability to harmonize and sublimate them into the Sacred Tremor of the Heart, spanda. Thus, we are able to understand how the practice of yoga brings enthusiasm, love, and aspiration through the very process of sublimation.

Remaining in the “I” feeling and bringing it back to its source is the main effect of the Self-Inquiry method of meditation, as utilized in Hridaya Yoga. This will generate the purification of the subconscious mind and eventually lead to the Final Liberation, moksha. Thus, Hridaya Yoga describes the subtle processes (at the conscious and subconscious level) through which the common, limited human being is gradually transformed into a liberated being, jivanmukta.

Physical Effects

There is scientific evidence that hatha yoga and meditation have many beneficial physical effects. They are specifically mentioned in our courses as part of the presentation of each technique. As far as the physical body is concerned, the attitudes proposed in Hridaya Yoga bring physical, psychological, and spiritual healing.

Furthermore, this healing strengthens the practitioners’ confidence in the practices, attitudes, and beliefs that are followed.

The healing effects and the overall state of health are mainly a result of the restructuring of our being, of returning to the center of our being, and of realigning our physical, psychic, and mental structures.

Psychological Effects

As awareness of the Heart develops, Hridaya Yoga helps us to become more mentally and emotionally centered. The awareness of the “I” feeling, (the Witness Consciousness) prevents and even removes emotional disorders. This state of harmony is not an abstract state, nor an inert one. It is characterized by the radiating love and joy of Pure Awareness. This will stabilize even more the absorption in the Heart.

When the Heart shivers with the emotion of pure love, a centering occurs naturally here, in the Spiritual Heart. This is a remedy for any form of alienation. Love is truly a universal balm. Alienation is an estrangement from others and from ourselves (the term comes from the Latin alienare or, “estrangement”). It creates a sense of isolation. Centering in the Spiritual Heart cannot create an estrangement from what we are. On the contrary, it offers a much deeper sense of “intimacy with ourselves,” of faith in “our” divine nature and the universal energies.

When questioned about the possible dangers or negative effects of the awareness of the Heart, Ramana Maharshi said that to consider that Self-Inquiry can create alienation or psychic problems is like fearing that drinking amrita, the fluid of immortality, may bring you death.

Spiritual Effects

The act of centering and immersing oneself in the Heart brings forth a sense of the consciousness of Oneness, advaita. Everything is revealed as being interconnected through the very background of Reality (of the Divine Consciousness). A sense of inner connection with others and with the environment emerges. Thus, because of this, there is a higher capability for compassion, kindness, friendship, humanity, and an ethical sense. The intuition of the existence of only one Heart, of the same Spiritual Heart, of the same Divine Reality, becomes more and more clear as the awareness of it deepens.