Yoga at Home: Continuing the Hridaya Practice

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An enthusiasm for yoga at home

In the moment, it seems simple. Everything is different. My whole life has changed. A new perspective, a fire in my heart. Surely this powerful force can withstand any challenge I throw at it!


Until I’m living with my in-laws and the television is on non-stop and I don’t even have my own yoga mat and it feels like everything is piling up into a mountain standing in the way of maintaining my practice.

So I keep reminding myself: the mountain is an illusion. The obstacles I imagine blocking my road to success, the problems I concoct to let the resistance slip into my every day… None of that is real. What is real is my decision to do, or not to do, the things that make my body feel good, my mind feel clear, my heart feel full, my spirit feel free.

It’s easy to say: Just do it. And while it’s obviously motivated a lot of people to buy athletic gear, it isn’t always enough to motivate me to actually, you know, do it.

Each of us has our own motivation profile, that thing which successfully drives us beyond procrastination and sensual pleasure into the realm of doing good and seeking a greater life for ourselves. In my life, that thing is community.

The most amazing aspect of the Hridaya Yoga experience for me was the incredible community we formed during the meditation retreat and module one practitioner course. Having the friendship, support and accountability of such an understanding and open group of teachers, staff and students made every day at the center a new experience.

Here I am still struggling to find my place. I have been on the move for weeks with no one to be accountable to, overwhelmed by work and the intensity of reconnecting with family and friends. Settling in is a struggle, knowing that the travel begins again in only two months. But there are people here I know and love, who want to hear my stories and share in my experiences.


That is where I find my motivation. Talking about my time at the Hridaya Yoga center in Mazunte brings me back there. I remember how wonderful it felt and know that I can feel that incredible strength and hope every day. When I share the message of the spiritual heart with others, when I practice my yoga in the park or at a festival, when I offer myself and my actions as a testament to how much this experience has changed me…

All of this reflects the power that Hridaya has freed within me. And inside my heart, where that spark of inspiration always resides, I feel that shimmer of the memory and I know that I can make the choice, hard as it may be, to continue on this path.

What does this look like for me?

A pair of yoga socks and gloves, so I don’t need to carry a mat with me everywhere, at least until I find the right one.

The reminder that I can do yoga at any time of the day. I never need to wait until a “tomorrow morning” that might never come, when I can get up and do it today.

Friends who want to do yoga with me. A local yoga school I can visit to mix things up.

Ear plugs. The city is loud and busy. If I’m waiting for peace and quiet, ear plugs are the only way to guarantee.

Time. Every day I tell myself that I have all the time in the world and that every moment of it is precious. As tempting as it is to spend every second on the internet, I recognize that having a set schedule with time for work and time for play is what makes the room in my life for yoga and meditation.

If I don’t use my time and energy wisely to take care of myself, I won’t have what it takes to be my authentic self in the world, to do what I’m here to do, to love and to travel and to create something beautiful with my life. This above all else is my mantra. I care for myself so I can care for the world. I honor the manifest as my mother and the unmanifest as my father, so that I can be parent to a universe of creation inside myself.

~By Bex van Koot,

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