Tribute to Ramana Maharshi

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Tribute to Ramana Maharshi

By Sahajananda 

At Hridaya Yoga, Ramana Maharshi is our revered spiritual master. He represents an embodiment of the Spiritual Heart itself, a manifestation of the Supreme Reality that is our True Nature.

His life is the very proof of the Truth of non-duality, Advaita, the oneness of Being, the background in which the illusion of separation dissolves like clouds in the blue sky.

His simple and profound teachings enliven the principles of Hridaya Yoga. They tenderly awaken a stream of unconditional love and inner silence that flows directly from the core of existence. His gentle, eternal message will resonate even more vastly and deeply within the soul of humanity in the future.

His Smiling EyesLike a Mirror Without Edges

In iconography, there are canonical rules that explain how to represent the great saints and avatars of the past. For Ramana Maharshi, a unique, modern divine manifestation, we have a chance not encountered in previous centuries to connect more directly through photographs of Him. These serve as visual encounters with our beloved spiritual teacher’s radiant love and serenity; more than this, they are reflections of our true Self.

His eyes are like clear, edgeless mirrors through which the Self radiates, unobscured by any mental blurring. Ramana Maharshi offered the most profound initiation through their eloquent silence, an initiation that is available even now—evidence of our eternal nature. When we feel the ocean of compassion in His gaze, there is a natural trust in the depth and beauty of the Heart.

His luminous, smiling eyes teach us the exquisite secrets of Self-Inquiry. We learn to witness our thoughts and emotions in serenity and embrace our shadows.

In remembering Him, devotion arises naturally, since the mystery of His presence makes our soul come alive, vibrating as Self-awareness, spanda.

Where Consciousness Speaks Its Silence

Ramana Maharshi’s teachings tell us to dive into the essence of the “I”-feeling, where we find wisdom, peace, conscious presence, and overwhelming love. They urge us to look beyond the illusions of the ego, shed its layers of separation, and rest in the Natural State, Sahaja. In such a new, liberating presence, we uncover an awareness so pure and all-encompassing that our existence becomes a hymn of gratitude, love, and joy.

The radiance of His silence is, in itself, a language deeper than words. Supreme Consciousness “speaks” its stillness through Him, and our soul listens in wonderment. Ramana Maharshi showed us that the spiritual journey is not about acquiring new knowledge meant to heal psychological struggles and quiet personal concerns but about discovering the Truth and Love that has always been present deep within.

His instructions are like gentle waves washing over the shores of the personal domain, eroding the illusions that veil our Ultimate Nature. Thus, the mind’s chatter fades away into the vast stillness of the Heart.

His pointers are so appealing because, in them, the reflection of inner Supreme Beauty shines, which, even when ignored for a long time, has never been really forgotten—a resonance that leads us to Hridaya.

Apart from the clarity of His insights, what inspires us is His perfect embodiment of Realization. In and through Him, the abstract becomes tangible; the spiritual path finds its grounding in love and clarity. He is the living demonstration of the possibility of moksha, spiritual liberation, not as a distant dream but as a present reality.

That’s why Ramana Maharshi’s presence in Hridaya is like a discreet whisper in the depths of our being, a subtle and unwavering reminder that we are not mere robots functioning mechanically in this world; we are the very essence of the journey, the Heart itself.

Who Am I?

Ramana Maharshi invites us to remember our depths by constantly asking the question, “Who am I?” Self-Inquiry is the cornerstone of our practice. It’s like a key that unlocks the door to the sacred Heart; it’s a perpetual reminder of who we really are, the eternal presence in which all distinctions dissolve, revealing the infinite expanse of Consciousness both within and throughout the entire Cosmos.

The Whisper of Love-Being

In every murmur of wind caressing Arunachala Hill or any place on Earth, there is rasa, the blissful taste of Being, a melody of Divine Love that the Maharshi helped us hear— everything’s intrinsic Love-Being. His life offers evidence of such love, infusing us with the faith that we can also become instruments of universal Love and Compassion. He keeps making a heartfelt invitation to immerse ourselves in the silent wisdom of the Heart, live in perpetual devotion and freedom, and embody kindness in every gesture, word, and moment.

The Landscape of Inner Peace and Transcendental Beauty

Sri Ramana’s guidelines reveal the sacredness of our soul, a realm of inner peace and transcendental beauty. They are like poetry awakening us to love, truth, and all the noble qualities within, to spanda, the vibrant, divine presence that animates every breath, every heartbeat.

The Real Miracle—The Evidence of Beauty in Unadorned Existence

His way was not marked by grandiose miracles or displays of paranormal powers but by the quiet beauty of simplicity. In His unassuming presence, we can feel that authentic paths are not about seeking external validation or miraculous signs but about turning inward with a love so deep, so unconditional that it transcends all boundaries of common understanding.

Like the moon’s quiet glow that asks for no applause, His life, free from chasing miraculous displays, speaks a truth that seeks no proof through spectacle but stands unwavering in its simplicity—the radiating power of love and kindness. The Divine doesn’t need glowing words or miracles; just trust and surrender to the Heart’s majesty. It’s the evidence of beauty in unadorned existence.

The World Cries for Meaning

In today’s world, while pain, conflicts, and division become so obvious, discretely, a subtle longing for meaning and unity grows deeper in humanity. Ramana Maharshi’s guidelines are now so palpable because they are the eternal call to return to the very essence of our being. This direct wisdom of the Heart will help humanity envision and trust a world without separation, doubt, fear, or contempt—only an eternal embrace of Pure Consciousness, cradling all Life in its infinite love.

The Flame of Hope and Solace 

In our times, deep-seated intolerance and separation seem to haunt the world’s religions that, having forgotten their origins, display even more alienation. On the other hand, atheism boldly proclaims a life devoid of sacredness and deeper meaning. Ignoring symbolic language, skepticism challenges the old anthropomorphic descriptions of divinity and rituals. Because of all this, especially now, the Maharshi’s simple and direct teachings have emerged like a flame of hope and spiritual support for the world. The Universal, Eternal Truth of Being is in itself Peace, Love, and Beauty. This is what we are, beyond the walls of our fears and hates, beyond dogmatic atheism or sectarian religions. The Heart is the unifying reality that shows us how we are all part of this same fascinating mystery that is Life itself.

Ramana Maharshi’s teachings are meant to heal today’s fragmented world, where souls often feel confused, isolated, lost, traumatized, and misunderstood.

The All-Encompassing Mystery 

The Maharshi’s revelations are not about a God seated high above or distant and detached, but an invitation to reveal godliness inside.

The Divine, often perceived in the contemporary world as distant or absent, is not lost but waiting to be discovered in the unfathomable depths of our being. The absence of a tangible, definable God leads us not to emptiness or atheism but to an uplifting spiritual longing, a yearning for connection with the “living God,” an all-encompassing Love that exists beyond the confines of human perception and understanding. This realization is not a denial of God but an intimate knowledge, jnana, of a mystery so profound and all-embracing that it transcends all conventional understanding. Ramana Maharshi’s revelations and grace point not to a God to be grasped by the mind’s frail capabilities, imagination, dogmas, or wishful thinking but in wonderment in front of a presence too vast, too intimate to be merely understood with the mind. The intellect alone cannot seize the true essence of divinity. It can be disclosed through Self-Inquiry meditation in the stillness of the Heart.

Gratitude and Blessings

We express gratitude to Ramana Maharshi, our spiritual master. His inspirations are a perennial source of wisdom, leading us back home to Hridaya, the Heart.

In the spirit of the non-dual teachings, Advaita, Ramana Maharshi is our innermost sacred being, the Divine Self.

Therefore, honoring Him, we celebrate our True Nature, the eternal essence of all life, in which samsara and nirvana are inseparably united. In the mystery of devotion for Him there is the journey and the destination, the miracle of the individual becoming one with the universal.

The greatest praise we can offer is to embody the very essence of His teachings, to dive within and discover the boundless love and peace that reside in the Heart. In doing so, we honor not just a sage but the timeless Truth he so gracefully revealed; we revere the journey towards the Heart and the Heart itself, Hridaya, the eternal truth within us.

May Sri Ramana’s loving remembrance and His guidance ignite the flames of wisdom, devotion, kindness, and love within us!

May our appreciation of Him become tangible as we spread the light of love and unity in a world aching for this touch!

Sahajananda is the founder of Hridaya. You can read more of his contemplations here.

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