The Spine of the Night

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By Chris van der Weide

We walk without sight
On the spine of the night
Despite the fright that every
ever-so-slight misstep might slide
Might slip, flip, whip, and dip
Our hearts in the vast unknown
In the never before shown
Infinite space, in which no trace
Of past exists
No maps, no routes, no lies, no lists
And nothing to hold tight
Other than the All-Bright, the Unified

And so we fall into the non-, the never ever done
The not existing timeless Whole
Through the cracks of your bedroom wall
Through the holes of my old jeans
Through each touch and all our dreams
Through a hairy dancing spider
Through our pupils growing wider
Through the sun growing brighter
In your chest
On which I lay my ear
To rest
And hear
The beating of the Drum
So near
So dear
We’re falling upwards
Without fear
We tumble through the open air
The “anyone there?”
And Nowhere where
You and I collide, take flight
In Chinese White expanding light

You’ve planted a seed in me
I’ll raise it to be a tree
On whose branches we can sway
Like children we play and lay
Our cards
Of open hearts
Of humble care
Of truth and dare
Of real and fair
Of nude and bare
Of light and praise
Of beauty and grace
We slow our pace
And choose to face

The obstacles along the road
The stormy waves rocking our boat
The secrets hiding up our sleeves
The falling of the autumn leaves
The leaving of whatever was
The morning after’s empty glass
Of wine: bright and scarlet red
Of desires not being met
Of the earthly stings and pains
The false controlling need for reigns

I am this You and You this me
We wake up with soft eyes and see
It is this setting this free
There is thus no where to flee
We will infinitely be
He who paints his strokes refined
She who dances wild and blind
Here they balance
Hear them sing
And laugh
In awe
Of everything

We learned to love it is to give
And to laugh it is to live
And to give it is to free
And to live it is to be
And to free is to let go
And to be is to let flow
And to let go is to grow
And to flow is not to know
And to grow it is to learn
And not to know it is to burn
All you ever thought you were,
All the frames that might occur
All images that blur
This blue lagoon, revealing clear:
All is perfection, now and here
Love, there is no beast to tame
You and me, we are the same
Open doors, let’s give it all
And so we fall
So we fall

Chris Van Der Weide



Chris is a poet, Hridaya Yoga teacher, and a movement and dance facilitator.


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