The Call of Self-Awareness

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In Hridaya, we long to come to know ourselves by asking the question “Who am I?”

But Self-Inquiry is more than a simple question or practice; it is an art of living and being. It isn’t reserved for a specific moment. It concerns life as a whole, as well as each moment.

Any authentic process leading to Self-knowledge demands taking responsibility for ourselves, for our lives; in contemplative solitude, it leads to the painful death of the ego and, thus, to freedom, to real aliveness.

Self-knowledge is not a topic of psychology or philosophy, but the fragrant flower of the realm of spontaneity.

Practically, Self-Inquiry holds many dimensions and nuances. It includes awareness, lucidity, calling-intuition, longing, love for the Beloved, wonderment, strength and harmony, wonderment, surrender of the ego, and the taste of Truth.

Awareness of the Heart

Self-awareness is like a silent prayer we offer to the Truth inside so that It reveals Itself to us.

It is constant, loving attention, a power that comes from the capacity to wonder in front of what we contemplate.

It is also charged with lucidity, not overwhelmed by what is “seen.”

We start in duality… an awareness of the chest, the Heart Center… until, somehow, the object is absorbed in a higher reality. Underneath the perpetual swing of thoughts and contrasts, our attention becomes coherent and captures the taste of profound unity. It becomes aware of itself. In this intimacy, observation is fully satisfied, welcoming our entire being. The Heart radiates simplicity and majesty at the same time.


Lucid Self-awareness is alive, unconditional openness. It is akin to wonder, an admiration without an object in which we are seized by the Essential.

Self-Inquiry is spontaneous awe at the sacredness of ourselves.


The call arises from within—the Beloved summons us. The soul suddenly receives divine gifts that will seduce it. Because the ultimate reality is not evident from the outside, this calling is necessary. Such an appeal is in itself an intuition of Truth. But without lucid attention, it may go unheard. 


The calling matures in longing. We thirst for that immensity that fills us… We are Infinity failing to remember how to contain itself. And we long to be at home, there, always.


The journey into Self-knowledge can deepen only to the extent that love is alive and dynamic within us.

Being both the Lover and the Beloved, we become Love.

Strength and Harmony

It is harmony or dissonance within ourselves that creates the strong and weak moments of our lives.

Real strength comes through an inner consonance of our soul. In that peaceful, sattvic condition, we are transparent to light. Self-awareness becomes even clearer and more lucid in that power and coherence.

Attentive, lucid, longing, in love with the Heart and wonderment, we ask ourselves: “Who am I?” 


Self-knowledge is revealed in nudity. For us to become intimate with ourselves and, thus, the world, all psychological interference must cease. The soul is open, ready to drop any thought prone to welcome selfishness and all its manifestations.

When the ego is absent, love and wonder are the background of all perceptions, the origin of any intention or act.


Only when we are free from the idea of being someone can Self-Knowledge thrive. When we abandon time, time will abandon us. A feeling of openness arises. It’s a kind of solitude in wholeness, a taste of the permanent in the instant, in any fissure of time, the sense of an order that lasts forever.

We are at Home…

With Love,


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