Sun Gazing Tapas Journal- Month 2 by Adina

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New Dimensions of the Practice. Notes and Observations:


Note: While progressing with the tapas and deepening its effects, new dimensions for the practice are inspired to me by the practice itself.  I include the new methods along with the inspiration, and the daily exercise becomes richer, more profound, allowing the direct revelation of the deeper effects such complex tapas can bring.    I also become more aware of the inspiration and divine grace that guide my daily life.         

Sun gazing


  1. “Absorbing” the Light through the Eyes:
  • While keeping the state of relaxation, I mentalize that I “absorb” the Light through the Eyes —> I guide it downward towards the Heart —> I fill the Heart with the Light of the Sun;
  • I feel the warm sensation in the Heart, sometimes even hot and glowing.
  1. Combining Sun Gazing with Breathing practice:
  • I “Breath-in” the Light with every breath: I start breathing in and out with awareness, feeling how I “inhale” the Light into my Eyes with every breath, and I guide it toward the Heart;
  • I briefly practice the “Blowing Upon the Amber” technique to fully activate my Heart Center;
  • I then combine the 2 exercises, such way that the “Breathing-in of the Light into the Eyes” continues with “Blowing the Light into the Heart”, with every breath;
  • When the practice becomes comfortable, I establish the Rhythmic Breathing. Chosen Pattern:  4,2,4 à 8,4,8  à 8,8,8,2 à 8,8,4
  • I keep the Awareness on the Heart Center, and on “Breathing-in the Light into my Eyes, then flowing it into the Heart”, to fill the Heart;

Note: The Kati Channel becomes better defined, warmer, more perceivable, more and more active and energised. 

  1. Connection with the Inner Ear:
  • I gradually start feeling a connection with the Inner Ear on both sides;
  • My Inner Ears become highly activated;
  • Some energy channels related to the Inner Ears converge with the Eyes Channel in the throat area, and then go into the Heart Center.
  1. Throat area becomes dominant:
  • My entire throat area is now very activated, energised, dilated and vibrating; it becomes the dominant area of the practice-results;
  • It feels like it is a Gateway or a hub for all the energy channels;


Note: This strong sensation of energy, vibration and dilation in the throat area may be related to my natural dominant Vishudha Chakra activation, and the fact that my daily morning Yoga practice is highly focused on Vishudha Chakra; or, it may be just the effect of the convergence of the energy channels – simultaneously activated.


  1. Back of the head, Cerebellum activation:
  • The feeling of energizing and dilation extends toward the back of the head, bringing a new focus. I clearly feel my Cerebellum activation
  1. Whole head activation, energy field expansion
  1. The entire area of the head, neck, shoulders, chest and upper-back feel ethereal now – expanded, energised, and vibrating.


Hridaya Sungazing

Looking forward for whatever comes next !






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  1. kris

    very inspiring, adina. thanks!

  2. Cristina Espinosa

    🙂 amazing! going to continue reading on month 3 !!

  3. Yog Mandir

    I am really happy to say it’s an interesting post to read.

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