Self-Inquiry: Awakening to the Mystery

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By Hadi Beyrouti

“You wander from room to room
Hunting for the diamond necklace
That is already around your neck.”

What a mysterious force that binds us to believing that we are a body, coming from a past moment and going towards the next.

How ineffable, that we take ourselves to be something that is outside the reality of this moment. That we, somehow, come to derive our identity from our thoughts, emotions, memories, and hopes.

How could we be something that comes and goes, if we are here, now?

Name and form are ephemeral—and we seem so far from knowing our eternal being.

Our quest for meaning and existential resolution make us search everywhere except in the most obvious place… yet the truth is hidden right here.

And the only way to reveal it, is to reveal our being—to come to know who we really are.

Our true being, hidden by the identity in our thinking. Every thought that arises in our minds refers to a “me” that has created for itself an entire inner world. A “me” that relates to others in the domain of thinking. A “me” that has opinions and beliefs, emotions, memories, and hopes. A “me” that has created an image of itself—sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes good feelings, sometimes bad feelings. A “me” that is in a constant fight for survival, because at the bottom of this “me” is an abyss of emptiness.

Every time the fluctuations of “me” cease for a moment and we look within, we encounter that very emptiness.

And it is enough for the “me” to cease for one moment, and for us to experience Pure Existence for Self-Inquiry to find its way into our heart.

Identity fluctuates, sometimes it even disappears, and beyond all that I take myself to be, I am still here. Who is here? What is the foundation of awareness?

Who is moving this body? What is looking through my eyes, hearing through my ears? What is the reality of this moment?

Who am I? When this question becomes sincere, a mystery awakens.

An entire universe starts knowing itself, through our very eyes.


Hadi is a Hridaya Yoga teacher serving at our center in France.

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