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Heart poem – In the purity of the ‘I’
Deep acceptance of what I am, and this worldly reality that am living. Samskaras are boundlessly appearing in every corner outside the Heart. Trying to enter outside in, though there’s no entrance, no doorway, nowhere to begin.

No inside out or other way around to turn. As I’m not there nor here. My consciousness is expanding from within the chest game which is being played by so many dice. Thrown around as if they lost the way to the board. Which is non-existing in the nothingness of infinity.

Am I there or here or…am I anything in the anywhere?

Wandering around the never-ending streets from here to there…nowhere to go, nowhere to be other than just here, right now.

I lost the way, as there’s no way at all in the pureness of the eye, where I dissolve in tremendous grace…Silence…I surrender.

~A heart poem By Esmeralda Ritstier

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