By Molly Hock   Bombings in Iraq. Racism and police violence in America. Attack after attack in Istanbul. Violence and killings leading to genocide in Burma. Thousands stranded in Greece. Bombings in Cairo. Hate crimes in England. My heart cries for the lives lost and the lives touched by the recent violence in Germany. My soul […]

By Beata Kucienska The Story of Inner Transformation The great stories cherished by humanity contain the essence of life. The most unforgettable stories are those that express the deepest pains and longings of the human heart. We read and watch these stories to connect to ourselves, to feel what is hiding behind the masks of […]

By Claudiu Vaduva On Christmas Day, I would love to inspire you with a beautiful talk about Christ Consciousness. An even deeper longing is to show you, to invite you, near your own heart so that you may directly feel the radiance of this anointed one. I invite you to experience this intuition, which is […]

Who am I?

By Natasha Friedman The Yearning of Spiritual Aspiration A student goes to his teacher in ancient India. He asks, “When will I reach enlightenment?” The teacher leads him to a river, takes him out in a rowboat, and asks him to jump overboard. When he does, the teacher thrusts the student’s head under the water […]

lester levenson an insight on love

By Beata Kucienska My Experience in the Yazidi Refugee Camp in Greece People in the Yazidi refugee camp look straight into your eyes. They can do it for minutes. As if they weren’t ashamed of anything. As if they had nothing to hide. Their eyes are like big, quiet mirrors… sheets of mild water… windows […]

By Antoaneta Gotea I have been a practitioner and teacher of Tantra for about twenty years, and I have been asked the question many times, What is Tantra? It is interesting to notice that while writing this sentence I feel a slight contraction, as I know the common connotations given to the word. You might […]

hridaya advaita ramana meditation hero

By Beata Kucienska “I said: ‘What about my heart?’ God said: ‘Tell me what you hold inside it.’ I said: ‘Pain and sorrow.’ God said: ‘Stay with it. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.’” -Rumi Once, I read a story about a little horse that was staying in a warm and […]

Circles of Men: Unveiling the Power of Shiva By Laura Samper G. Going in Circles In today’s society, roles are mainly divided by gender: men are supposed to behave in a way that is called “masculine” and women are expected to do their part by supporting this model. When put in perspective, both seem to […]

By Laura Samper G. Questioning the Masculine Does new masculinity mean being authentic? It is a hot topic of conversation but, most importantly, it is a spiritual matter: What does it mean to be a man today? What is a man’s role in today’s society? What should his life’s purpose be? Does the macho stereotype […]

Headstand for Beginners

By Laura Samper G. Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi The Barriers Within Headstand for beginners – a scary proposition. I had never tried the headstand before, but I imagined doing it like a true […]

Mud Building and Meditation—The Art of Karma Yoga By Louise Southwell I love mud. I realized it three years ago when I started building homes with it. It is my “Dharma work.” However, at the end of last year, I embarked on a profound period of spiritual upheaval that tore me away from my previous […]

walking into the unknown

A Taste of the Void By Beata Kucienska At first, walking into the unknown was about letting go the external branches: the love relationship, the job, and the project of buying my own apartment. Then, it felt like walking on water… or floating in the clouds. Who am I without all this? A dance between […]

By Laura Samper Tantra and Mandalas When I look at the stars, I wonder how all this is possible. What is this incredible and mysterious force that propels Earth through the dark cosmos? What is this bright light sparkling in the middle of the deep black sea? I use to go to the beach and […]

By Emma Carruthers It was the first thing that I noticed when I arrived at the Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte five years ago. I have heard similar first impressions from others since then: “Where did all of these beautiful, healthy, shiny people come from?” It seemed that I had just arrived at some kind […]