pure intention

You from new york you are so relevant. You reduce me to cosmic tears. Luminous more so than most anyone, unapologetically alive. Knot in my stomach and lump in my throat. I love you when you dance, when you freestyle in trance. So pure such an expression. Supposed former infatuation junkie. I sink three pointers […]

what is hridaya yoga

What is Hridaya Yoga? Hridaya Yoga is a spiritual discipline, a path to Liberation or Realization of our true nature through the awakening of the Spiritual Heart. It was brought forth by spiritual teacher Sahajananda, and includes the practice of meditation, hatha yoga and contemplation in order to realize the nature of Reality, beyond the […]

“Journeywork, vision quests, stopover meditation, yoga postures, diet, exercise, language, reading, socializing, eating, drinking, making art…So many things to do in a day. But there must be time for stillness.” I wrote these words in my journal in February, two months after deciding to attend a ten-day silent meditation retreat at the center and six […]

By Cristina Espinosa In 17 days many things can happen! And so 17 days sitting with yourself for extended periods of time and meditating in this pure feeling of existence, be sure something will happen indeed! I came to Mazunte last year carrying myself and a broken heart, and honestly I had no idea of what […]

Poem By Lisa-Maria Koschat When I am struggling with myself the Beloved says: “Stay.” When I am trembling with fear I could lose my Beloved, He just says: “Stay.” When I feel like the Earth is taken away under my feet, He says: “Stay.” When windy weather is painting the sky with black color, He […]

Dark Night of the Soul makes sense

By Cristina Espinosa Now I understand that everything that happened was meant for me to be here was meant for me to kneel here in front of this altar in the depth of my own heart. What once seemed painful has dissolved in wonder into pure bliss and love… When I think of you I […]

By Kathy Simon In our society’s day-to-day speech, there are many words that seem to denigrate self-love and self-focus. Here are a few: self-absorbed, self-centered, self-satisfied, self-important, selfish. Remarkably, the first definition in the dictionary for “self-love” is “an excessive regard for one’s own advantage”; and other definitions include “conceit, vanity, narcissism.” In the dictionary […]

We tend to think of love as something that can be attained, something that comes and goes, something limited that we can have or lose. But when we speak of love in spirituality, we ultimately recognize love as who we are, the essence of our being. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all searching for the same experience -that of love. We may have different words for it-happiness, joy, abundance, connection, or thuth. But if we look deeply inside, there is a common longing of the soul – for love.

At the young age of sixteen, when He was not even aware of the fact ‘This is the spiritual practice of Self-enquiry that directly bestows the experience of the Self’, it so happened one day that, without any prior intention, Sri Ramana embarked upon this rare spiritual practice! On that day as if He were […]

Pure Love from the Advaita Vedanta Perspective God and Love Which God are you talking about? What is God? Is he not the very light by which you ask the question? ‘I am’ itself is God. The seeking itself is God. In seeking you discover that you are neither the body nor mind, and the love of […]

Dear God, I’m coming home much more often, now. To stay away from you would be starving the heart’s greatest longing. Last night I had the most beautiful dream. At first there were no thoughts. Then that nothingness became a void of oceanic magnitude.It was, for the first time, the feeling that “I” do not […]

From Feb 2nd to Feb 12th,2012, El Corazon (formerly El Neem) hosted its first ever Hridaya Meditation Retreat. Led by Sahajananda (Claudiu Trandafir), a meditation and yoga teacher of more than 25 years, participants were carried on a powerful and awe-inspiring journey home to experience the revelation of the Spiritual Heart. For over 50 newcomers and […]

Testimonial from a participant of the Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, Mazunte, February 2012 Sahajananda, Thank you with all of my being. You have changed my life. For years (almost a decade) I have struggled terribly with self acceptance, self love, peace, happiness… looking for these things in everything external — people, relationships, places, pleasures, images (identifying […]

Finding Freedom: This article has been published in Encompass Magasine, February 2012 In July of 2011, I attended a 10 day silent meditation retreat in Thailand. I’ve been to Thailand several times in recent years to further my training in yoga, tantra, meditation and have found each trip to be unique, challenging, beautiful and deepening […]