The Majesty of Love

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By Hadi Beyrouti


Love, a fire that consumes everything.

The source, the path, the guide, and the truth.

Love has many faces, and we should never make any claims when it comes to its wisdom. Love is as vast as infinity, as timeless as eternity, as profound as a bottomless abyss. It is yet to be revealed, as what we often take for Love is but a wave on its surface.

We believe that love comes and goes and is dependent on outer circumstances. What a shallow understanding of love lies over the world.

There is a part of ourselves that doesn’t come and go, and its existence doesn’t depend on outer circumstances. It passes by unnoticed because of a mind that never stops.

Yet it is here. Right now, a presence that does not say no. A silence that encompasses all. It holds our bodies and minds; it holds the entirety of the present moment, and all of life. It holds the yes and the no, the joy and the pain. It is unconditioned—for Love cannot be conditioned. It is beyond the fluctuations of the mind and emotions; it stands before, here and now.

It is unconditioned and therefore has no choice but to love. In its vast freedom, the mystery of mysteries, the very foundation of presence, it is absolute. Its gaze is eternal, its depth infinite.

And yet it is here and now. It is the very nothingness that sees these words, the emptiness that holds them, the very essence of “I am.”

Judgment, blame, confusion, hatred, and anger are not a lack of Love’s presence but a simple forgetfulness of our being, which is the majesty of Love.

The mind likes to run around, go places, and create stories, and we end up in a reality far away from Love. We follow the gravity of the mind, supported by belief structures and emotions, away from the most obvious, the simplest but the most profound. Away from the beauty of the present moment. Away from the spaciousness that holds everything. Away from ourselves. Away from Love.

Love’s teaching is simple; Love and know yourself.

And the deeper we go into knowing ourselves, not as an entity living in time, but as eternal presence, here and now, seeing these words, holding the body within it, the less we have any choice but to love.

What remains when judgment and blame are taken away?

What is still here when anger and separation dissolve?

When we finally let go of fighting with the world and with ourselves, when we follow the calling of our heart, in a silent moment, a gift of grace, Love is revealed.


Hadi is a Hridaya Yoga teacher serving at our center in France.

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