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Dear GodDear God,
I’m coming home much more often, now. To stay away from you would be starving the heart’s greatest longing.
Last night I had the most beautiful dream.
At first there were no thoughts. Then that nothingness became a void of oceanic magnitude.It was, for the first time, the feeling that “I” do not exist as a separate thing, rather stillness revealed itself as an all pervasive, complete embracement of All That Is.
A non-dual sea of knowing-ness appeared holding all perceptions of duality, showing me the beauty of this life-dance, the reasoning behind contrast and sufferings, yet nothing really happened at all.
Time was no more, questions dissolved, trust became the only trailing dust as grace washed me clean.
At the same time, there were some thoughts (acknowledging the yoga session, dinner break, etc.), but they were so insignificant at the periphery that I was almost grateful – grateful they remained to show me the subjectivity of duality simultaneously existing – not paradoxically – in a non-dual sea of love. Away melted any fear that came from an individual identity, as it was so obvious that this sea of God-love had always been there, perfect and forever.
Love became the sole impetus for all existence.

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