Connecting with the Inner Guru

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By Hadi Beyrouti


“Your own self is your ultimate teacher (sadguru). The outer teacher (guru) is merely a milestone. It is only your inner teacher that will walk with you to the goal, for he is the goal.” –Nisargadatta Maharaj

All spiritual teachers and teachings are leading us to our inner guide, from which wisdom flows. Within us lies a mysterious treasure, a profound awareness that is the source of all teachings. It is that which speaks through the sages. Absolute knowledge, right here, within us, and more than just within us—it is what we fundamentally are, our True Nature.

In the same way that we listen to a teacher speak, we can listen to the inner guru, becoming aware of a profoundly meaningful silence. In that listening, all problems disappear. They are not solved, but the very notion of “problem” dies. Clarity arises, unclouded by separation. And in this way, we approach life from the inner truth—the teacher of all teachers, Stillness itself.

Stillness is a teacher that is always here, always available, and always full of wisdom and love. It’s a teacher of infinite compassion and eternal presence, a presence so intimate to our heart that it is our very essence.

When we allow it to look through our eyes, the entire world becomes our teacher. Every moment is hand-tailored for us, designed to help us come closer to what we really are. Every instant becomes an opportunity to offer love.

Whenever we need guidance, it is here, now. We need courage to let go of looking for security and choose to stand still in the midst of the unknown. And yet, it is here that Truth resides, the great guide, the great teacher. In the middle of our being, in an abyss of the unknown. When we dare to rest here, we receive the grace of clarity. It is as if a veil is lifted, and we can step in the shining light of Awareness.

Life is much simpler than what we are told. We are not here to solve every problem but to serve the sacred one within all hearts. In this presence, the presence of our True Nature, problems dissolve and wisdom blankets the Earth.


Hadi is a Hridaya Yoga teacher serving at our center in France.

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