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TestimonialTestimonial from a participant of the Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, Mazunte, February 2012


Thank you with all of my being. You have changed my life. For years (almost a decade) I have struggled terribly with self acceptance, self love, peace, happiness… looking for these things in everything external — people, relationships, places, pleasures, images (identifying with them all). This of course did not bring me anything but despair and confusion. While this might seem dramatic to you, this was my life, my reality for so long; which I wanted nothing else but to change.

During the past ten days I was able to (what I couldn’t change in a decade I changed in ten days).  This was not expected at all but came anyway. Full force and through the heart!

The teachings you gave touched my soul, and I am able to apply what I’ve learned to bring stillness, awareness and gratitude into my life.

This brings me so much fulfillment simply by recognizing that I am here to serve and be in harmony with the will of God. And that is actually what I’m simply going to do. Just to be and love myself. Fully for everything that I am. I do now. I really love every little weird, strange, beautiful, quirky, annoying, silly, sweet, charming, crazy thing about myself! As Jesus does!

And wow! Did this week restore my relationship with the Lord?!?!!

I grew up Catholic and have had an aversion to religion, Jesus, God, etc. for some time now (since adolescence).

I thank you so much for bringing Jesus back into my life. I missed him so much.

For this, for clarity, for peace, for understanding, for self-acceptance, for Love, for my first taste of ecstasy and bliss, I thank you infinitely.

Thank you. Thank you so much – I Love you.


The sacrifices you have made have blessed my existence.
J. Elizabeth

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