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Charged by JoyFrom Feb 2nd to Feb 12th,2012, El Corazon (formerly El Neem) hosted its first ever Hridaya Meditation Retreat. Led by Sahajananda (Claudiu Trandafir), a meditation and yoga teacher of more than 25 years, participants were carried on a powerful and awe-inspiring journey home to experience the revelation of the Spiritual Heart. For over 50 newcomers and experienced meditators alike, this turned out to be one of the most significant and transformative experiences of their lives.
Throughout the retreat, students were continuously blessed by deeply profound meditations, teachings, lectures, and illuminating poetry.
Based on Sahajananda’s unique and extraordinary method integrating Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Tantra, and Dzogchen, participants were introduced to the powerful message of Hridaya — living with an Open Heart.
Central to this method are the teachings of the great Advaita master Ramana Maharshi, focusing on Self-Inquiry through asking the question, “Who Am I?” In light of these teachings, the importance of surrender on this spiritual path became clearly necessary to participants.
For 10 days, students practiced intensive Heart-centered meditations while maintaining Noble Silence, mauna.
In the potent atmosphere of Stillness, students were allowed to focus their energy and attention inwards to directly experience Atman, the Divine and Supreme Self, and develop awareness of the Spiritual Heart.
This sacred silence was maintained throughout the grounds creating a space of love and aspiration for the grateful meditators.

Participant Reflections

    “The Hridaya approach brings forth the greatest teachings from different traditions, and the most amazing thing is they all go back to the Source, the Spiritual Heart. I experienced and understood how closed I had been and how beautiful and releasing it is to start relating more from the Heart.”
Cristina Espinosa, 2nd retreat

    “You can never anticipate what’s deep inside of you and in stillness, pain and beauty invoke the same gratitude.”
Sharona Ovrahim, 1st retreat

    “I’ve been on my spiritual path looking for something for 9 years. In the retreat I realized that everything I’ve been looking for is right here now, present wherever I am. This realization is very fulfilling because I no longer need to look anywhere else for happiness within.”
Dominic from Austria, 2nd retreat

    “The experience of consciousness of oneness became more amplified during retreat giving validation or insight of source existence. In this experience, awareness of connection with all arises through which you cannot help but feel compassion and pure love for others. What was also moving was how the poetry synchronized with the teachings prompted a profound shift.”

Niamh Kavanagh, 1st retreat

    “The Hridaya retreats have shown me a reality within my own heart, far more beautiful, loving and complete than anything of this world. The Hridaya meditation is giving me a direct experience of our eternal, infinite nature and at the same time enriching daily life and inviting joy and Love in every moment.”
Lakshman, 21st retreat

El Corazon will be holding these retreats monthly until June of this year, including a rare opportunity to embark on a special 17 day long Hridaya retreat from May 18th – June 3rd – join and be charged by Joy!

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