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By Tasha Friedman

There’s a special kind of paranoia that the Tibetan Buddhist tradition says you should cultivate: a sneaking suspicion that everyone around you might be a Buddha. Maybe, just maybe, any person you see is actually an enlightened being taking this form to teach you something.

Your mother? She’s a Buddha.

Your partner? Buddha. Your dentist? Buddha. That annoying guy at work who’s always giving you a hard time? Definitely a Buddha.

With this attitude, the world starts to seem a lot less threatening. Instead of trying to defend ourselves or get the most out of the situation, every interaction becomes more like a game, like a dance with God.

Teachers are everywhere if we only look for them. The only question now is, what can I learn here? How can I be more compassionate right now? (Remembering that sometimes, the lesson is how to stand up for yourself and set boundaries in a loving way.)

So I challenge you to give this paranoia a try. You don’t have to struggle or make a drama out of it, just keep your eyes peeled for that angel in disguise.


Tasha is a Hridaya Yoga teacher and a frequent contributor to our blog. You can read all of her posts here.

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