Why Hridaya Yoga Courses Are So Cheap

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Why Are Your Courses So Cheap?

When comparing our prices to those of other retreat centers, people often ask us this question. The main reason we keep our prices low is that our teachings are rooted in traditional yogic philosophy, according to which we should lead a simple life, respecting aparigraha, non-greediness. Both as students and teachers we learn to live in the spirit of yoga, in a decent, unpretentious, and natural way.

While the material aspects are not ignored, they are not our main focus. When we free ourselves from the obsession with material gain, the love and freedom of our being will naturally be emphasized and will blossom.

Another reason we are able to offer such reasonable prices is that many students and teachers support the community with their inspiration and natural gifts by working in different karma yoga (selfless service) activities.

We also have trust that life in itself is a generous and abundant offering when we learn how to honor and receive the gifts of existence.

While we offer “cheap” courses, we consider that the spiritual perfection that we essentially are should also be reflected in a high standard of quality for our teachings and services—there is nothing “cheap” about our offerings.

Why Not Just Offer the Courses Exclusively on a Donation Basis?

While this option is not excluded in principle, we want to ensure the smoothness of our administrative operations—guaranteeing a fixed salary for our employees and honoring our other financial responsibilities (rent, etc.). Sometimes, people present courses on donation because they are aware that their offerings are not up to a certain standard, assuming people will donate according to their degree of satisfaction. In this way, they avoid complaints—you get what you pay for. At Hridaya, we are fully aware of the quality of the teachings we offer and we are totally accountable for them.

On the other hand, we consider that any human being with an authentic spiritual aspiration should be able to learn meditation and yoga, no matter what his/her financial condition may be. Because of this, we offer scholarships and we are always willing to support students who really need help.

Keeping the pure intention of offering and receiving from the Heart,
Hridaya Yoga

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