A Moment of Freedom Can Change Your Life

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A Moment of Freedom Can Change Your Life

By Tasha Friedman

Transformation doesn’t always come with a flash and a bang. Sometimes, maybe most of the time, it arrives softly and simply.

When you set sail across the ocean, a change in direction of only a tiny degree can send you to a radically different destination. The wind catches your sails, and you are off towards an unknown shore.

Neither the wind nor the waves belong to you. Your only task is to hold a steady course.

In a moment of freedom, you realize the boulder you’ve been trying to roll around the world was never your burden to bear.

A moment of light and the shadows dissolve. It doesn’t take time or effort for them to melt away, only the rising of the sun.

A moment of freedom comes from nowhere and goes nowhere. It is just enough time to take a deep breath, smile for no reason at all, and give thanks with all your being for everything that brought you to that point.

In that moment, you open your eyes to a new life.

From one moment to the next, you step into a different flow. Everything begins and will always begin again from this very point. And it is only a moment, but when it fades, its fragrance remains. A lingering echo, too subtle for your mind to catch, but the ear of the Heart is sharper and will follow its call.

A moment of truth, and you are no longer able to live a lie.

You are stepping out on a path of knowing and unknowing. Forget your name, your story, your problems and triumphs. Put aside everything you have learned, especially about God. If you want to know God, you must forget everything else.

This knowing happens instantaneously and outside of time. Any moment can be that moment of recognition.

In this moment of knowing yourself, you are free in a way that can never be conditioned or taken away from you. No matter what life might throw at you or what difficult circumstances you find yourself in, that freedom remains, because it is what you are. And when you have tasted it once, you never really forget it, even though sometimes it might be obscured behind the turbulence of the mind.

But even when you don’t feel it, you know it’s there. Deep in your heart of hearts, you remember. In the midst of everything, at the eye of the storm, in that moment, you can smile.

Tasha is a Hridaya Yoga teacher and a frequent contributor to our blog. You can read all of her posts here.

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