The Truth Behind the Curtain: A 49-Day Retreat Experience

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the truth behind the curtain

By Beata Kucienska


Come. This is your journey into the Heart. The most important one you can ever make. You will travel behind the masks that you have built during your whole life. You will be walking deeper and deeper into yourself. You will cross the darkness; you will go through fear and pain. Little by little, the veils will fall from your eyes.

I will talk to you softly, whispering from beyond the border of words. I will be calling you and seducing you. You will be falling in Love and this longing will become stronger than your fear. You will face what has been terrifying you your whole life. You will look into the eyes of the monsters hiding in the dark. You will discover what courage is. I wilI break your chains.

Feel your fear. Feel how much you are scared of not being worthy of love. It is only this: the terrifying story that the voice has always been telling you. The ancient monster devouring the human heart. The source of every pain, every contraction. You were trained to believe in your own darkness. You are so scared to see something too ugly, too overwhelming. You have been convinced that there is something so dark hiding in you, so horrible that nobody can accept it.

You are scared of what you can find behind the curtain. Every rejection you experienced was a new brick in the castle of your fear. Just stop and look. It is there: a terrifying construction of your mind. Witness your pain. Love your sorrow. This is the adventure of being human. This fear is your path, it contains a hidden treasure. It will show you your courage. It will reveal your beauty.

One breath at a time. Feel your heart deeply, deeply. I am guiding you into the Wonderland. You start to see behind the skin of things. The masks are falling, revealing the essence. You perceive the heart of every flower, every tree, every wave. This is what you were afraid to see. This is what was waiting behind the curtain.

Every leaf contains an unspoken mystery; every bird carries you to Infinity. The sky is not the sky anymore, the ocean is not the ocean. The intuition of what you can be, of what you are… The intuition of what is there, waiting for humanity. The treasure hidden behind the curtain… The gratitude that breaks your heart. You are disappearing. A tiny bird with transparent wings is waking in your chest. Too fragile to be perceived by the senses… Never before have you felt anything so delicate. You cannot believe it… Can it be me?

Are you scared of the darkness? Are you scared of the pain? Are you scared of Beauty? Every mask that falls takes you behind the world of shadows. One more step into the Mystery. You are expanding into the darkness and the light at the same time. The border between life and death disappears. It is so wonderful that you don’t dare to breathe.

One more breath. One more memory. One more step inside. The ocean, covered with tiny diamonds, is hurting your eyes with its beauty. Your heart breaks… Your heart is expanding. The silent voice, more powerful than anything you have heard before, whispers: “Come, my Love. This is the way. I am waiting…”

Beata is a Hridaya Yoga teacher

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  1. Jennifer

    Just stunning, Beata. Thank you.

  2. Tamara

    Thank you… for walking me back Home xx

  3. Beata Konieczka

    Thank you, love, Beata <3

  4. Elena

    Such beauty and inspiration in these words.
    Thank you x

  5. David

    I hope i can enable it to get to mexico to Do this retreat too. I need it, more than ive ever needed something in my life. I hope I could tell my witness of it once…

  6. Diane O Donovan

    Thanks so much darling beata my tears a flowing with the depth. Thanks for all the reminders. Love you xxx diane

  7. Kate M

    Thank you for sharing this with me Beata, the profundity of such an experience expressed so beautifully. Love to you my dear xx

  8. Tasha

    Ohhhh my heart… Reading this again and again. Thank you so much for sharing, dear one.

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