Shavasana asana

Why Practice Shavasana: The Benefits and Meaning of Yoga’s Simplest Asana

By Natasha Friedman It’s the most simple asana in yoga. It doesn’t look like much, you don’t have to do much to get into it, but it does a lot. I’m talking about shavasana, the “corpse pose,” the position for deep relaxation. It’s easy to perform. Lie down on your back, palms facing up and […]


The Tears of Ramana: Living with the Full Embracement of Our Humanity

By Beata Kucienska After the ashram of the great Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi was moved from a wild place on Arunachala hill down to Sri Ramanasramam, his monkey friends came to visit him and complain about his absence. Ramana comforted the crying monkey king: “Grandpa. What to do? I have been retained here. I could […]

Sharing the Love

Sharing the Love: An Update on Hridaya’s Projects in the Local Community

By Sunny Rucker Hridaya Yoga has been based in Mazunte, Mexico since 2012. It’s so beautiful here—the stunning land, the breathtaking sea, and the warm people. As we have gone deeper in the Heart, we have felt the longing for a more profound connection to everything around us. This yearning has led us to become […]

Yoga and Ayurveda Dosha

Yoga and Ayurveda: How to Develop the Best Practice for Your Dosha

By Natasha Friedman

 No two people are the same. So, no two yoga practices should be the same either! There are a thousand and one factors that influence what your yoga practice might look like. Your experience, aspiration, amount of time and energy, specific interests and preferences, physical strengths and limitations, on and on… As […]

karma yoga

Karma Yoga: The Yoga of Action Done with Awareness, Detachment, and Love

“Life is a gift granted to us and we deserve it when we share ourselves.” –Rabindranath Tagore Introduction Karma Yoga is the yoga of action done with awareness, detachment, and Love. Karma means “action,” which we all perform, consciously or unconsciously. When we add Yoga to the word, it means an action performed with meditative […]

Science and spirituality

The Union of Science and Spirituality, Part 2

By Sean O’Donnell Last week, we looked at how energy is perceived in both science and spirituality. This week, we continue the discussion by touching a broad array of topics. Science and spirituality are both ultimately born of the same impulse: questioning. A search for knowledge. A search for truth. At times, a large disconnect […]

science and spirituality

The Union of Science and Spirituality

By Sean O’Donnell Something that people have consistently asked me since I changed careers (more accurately, dropped my traditional concept of a career) and started frequenting permaculture gardens, farmers’ markets, and yoga communities is “Do you ever plan to use your degree again?” Now, that is a loaded question. Every time, without hesitation, my answer […]

nature as a guru

Using Nature as a Guru

By Sean O’Donnell You meet many people along the spiritual path. Often, you cycle through looking up to different figures for inspiration and knowledge as you develop a deeper understanding of the world. In Sanskrit, a guru is a “teacher, guide, expert, or master” of a certain discipline or area of knowledge. You may look […]

Mazunte safety

Lifeguards: Improving Mazunte Safety

By Sean O’Donnell The Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte is set in a really beautiful environment, where tranquility and intensity are seemingly engaged in a neverending dance. While you can enjoy witnessing the rise and fall of these energies, you may also savor interacting with and connecting to the sea of samsara by answering the […]

Ohsawa Diet hridaya

Expanding on the Ohsawa Diet

By Sean O’Donnell I’ll admit that when I first heard of Ohsawa diets, I thought that “Ohsawa” was a Sanskrit word or referred to an ancient, revered yogi. It took me a while to acquaint myself with its real namesake―George Ohsawa, the founder of macrobiotics. George Ohsawa was a Japanese man who spent most of […]

The Power of Deep Listening

By Beata Kucienska An elderly man came to the library; he seemed to be bothered by something. I stopped my work and gave him my total attention. His discontentment was justified, and I couldn’t do much to help him. I simply listened to him. Somehow, the conversation evolved from personal to universal topics. Together, we […]

neti neti

What is Neti Neti?

By Sean O’Donnell “Love says ‘I am everything.’ Wisdom says ‘I am nothing.’ Between the two, my life flows.” –Nisargadatta Maharaj Negative theology is a type of religious and philosophical practice with roots that can be traced through several prominent lineages―including Ancient Greece, early Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This practice shows up in the Hindu […]

49 Day Silent Meditation Hridaya Yoga

All Life Is Sacred: A Reflection on the 49-Day Silent Meditation Retreat

By Beata Kucienska “Where is the door to sacredness?,” I asked the Heart. The answer came when I was watching some birds during a sunset walk: “Sacredness is the simplicity of life.” During the 49-Day Silent Meditation Retreat, I often had the feeling that sacredness was just a breath away… waiting for me with infinite […]

money and spirituality

The Price of Enlightenment: A Reflection on Money and Spirituality

By Emma Carruthers When I was twenty-one, I spent four months hitchhiking across South America. Amazingly, I never spent a penny on travel costs or accommodation, preferring to sleep in my tent in football fields or on hillsides than to pay for a hostel. The mission? Live for free and experience wonderful things as cheaply […]