Can the mind be your partner in spirituality? Does the path to transcendence only run through denial, or is it possible that everything around you is helping point the way? It’s such a relief to step out of the paradigm of conflict—with your mind, your senses, your environment—and discover that the world has actually been […]

undivided space of the soul

Do you perceive yourself as just one limited thing, a body and mind, floating around in a sea of other limited things? This attitude may be the normal condition of your daily life—until every so often there comes a flash of something different. You may be in meditation or watching a breathtaking sunset when suddenly […]

fear and fearlessness

“All of the world is just a narrow bridge. What’s important is not to be afraid.” –Rabbi Nachman of Breslov Even while the wave of coronavirus washes over the world, fear is like a second pandemic. It spreads even faster and touches more people than the contagion itself.

Stop now. Close your eyes. Feel your heart. You are here, you are aware, right now. At this very moment, humanity is meeting itself in a new way. With the global outbreak of coronavirus, fear and uncertainty have become the daily norm for so much of our global family. And yet, with this disruption of […]

connection, holding hands

Dear one, As you have already realized, the spread of the novel coronavirus is a very serious threat, endangering the lives and health of many people. Please do not ignore it or take its potential impact lightly. Act in wisdom and with great caution, according to the gravity of the situation where you live and […]

Inner child

By Beata Kucienska What is your Inner Child? It’s the one you have always been longing to meet, your deepest innocence, authenticity, sensitivity, and beauty. The one who was born to play, create, love, and never wanted to hurt anybody. The source of wisdom, the essence of humanity, the richest expression of life. The one […]

Touching the Hearts of Our Local Community By Blanca Amezcua If you read our recent Community Development Department newsletter, you know that exciting steps have been taken towards our goal of integrating the Hridaya Yoga Center with the local Mexican community. This interconnection was part of Sahajananda’s founding vision, and as the school has grown […]

By Natasha Friedman Give Them Everything It’s not about you. Sun. Sand. Waves. Vast, open sky. A simple place. Do it for them. When you’re tired, when you’re vulnerable, when you’re ecstatic, and when you can barely pick yourself off the ground. Give them everything. A simple life, waking in the magic hour before dawn […]

Educando el corazón- Sharing the Heart with Kindergarteners

By Sunny Rucker   “The gift to each child in the world should be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life.” –Rachel Carson Educating the Heart Our Community Development Department shares aspects of the Hridaya teachings in local schools via our Educando el corazón (“Educating the Heart”) initiative. We visit […]


By Antoaneta Gotea “If a man prays to Thee with a yearning heart, he can reach Thee, through Thy grace, by any path.” –Ramakrishna THE SIGNIFICANCE OF ALTARS The English word “altar” comes from the Latin altare or altarium, which stem from the root altus (“high”). Altare referred to an elevated place or structure, such […]

the Language Of Beauty

By Sahajananda The Greek Cynic philosopher Diogenes used to carry a lantern in broad daylight, looking for an honest man. He did this not because he was weird or an odd character, but, essentially, because he was lonely. It was a subtle invitation to see in a different way–in the light of awareness, of beauty… […]

dance samsara

By Beata Kucienska   There is a moment in life when you see the futility of all your efforts, ambitions, goals… a moment of crisis that is the beginning of a deep journey inside. In such a moment, you might find a spiritual school, like Hridaya Yoga, and realize that life itself is a journey […]


By Natasha Friedman What is beauty? What makes something beautiful? Is it nice colors, elegant shapes or symmetry? Or is there something more? What does it mean when you look up at a night sky full of stars and something twists inside your chest, like a memory of something so important but you can’t put […]

Shavasana asana

By Natasha Friedman It’s the most simple asana in yoga. It doesn’t look like much, you don’t have to do much to get into it, but it does a lot. I’m talking about shavasana, the “corpse pose,” the position for deep relaxation. It’s easy to perform. Lie down on your back, palms facing up and […]