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Best Places to Seek Silence

Best places to seek silence


When was the last time you had some quality ‘me time’? And no, a night in front of Netflix doesn’t count. Sometimes you need to stop, switch off your time-sucking smartphone and enjoy a little peace and quiet in order to recharge.

When the modern world’s constant clamour gets your ears ringing, escape to these quiet noise-free spots and silent retreats.

Hridaya Yoga, Mexico

Practise your downward-facing dog and tree pose in blessed quiet at Hridaya (, a yoga and silent retreat centre on Oaxaca’s glorious Mazunte beach. Get your toes wet with a three-day retreat, practise your fortitude with a 10-day session, or go full-on hermit with an invitation-only 49-day solo experience. A full schedule of hatha yoga, group meditation and study of Hindu, Sufi, Buddhist and Taoist texts will banish the boredom that might creep in after a few days of separation from your iPhone. Plus, the landscape – golden-green mountains tumbling down to an agate sea – is so gorgeous, who needs to talk?